You Don’t Have to Differentiate Every Product to Win More!


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The Strategic Value of Your Portfolio is Greater Than the Sum of the Products!

Instructor-Led Training For My Team

Get Everyone on the Same Page With Personalized Hands-on Training

Instructor-Led Product Management Training

Personalized to bring your real world into the classroom so you won’t have to “figure it out” after the training.

Online Training For My Own Career Growth

Accelerate & Grow Your Career With B2B Best Practices

Online Product Management Training

Start or advance your product management career with specialized B2B best practices and certification.

Corporate Learning & Development

Groom, Develop & Retain Top Talent With a Seamless Learning Experience

Product Management Training

Learning programs and delivery mediums for beginner, experienced and career path product managers.

Learn “Solutions” Product Management & Marketing!

A Portfolio Approach to Customer Success Simplifies Everything!

When you take a product management or product marketing training course from Proficientz, you’re no longer limiting your organization to just delivering products with user value and hoping for the best.

Solutions product management & marketing is a more strategic portfolio approach to delivering quantifiable customer value. Your product management and product marketing teams will learn how to collaborate so they can determine the best mix of products and features (solutions) that have the greatest impact on the strategic business goals of your customers. It’s the easiest way to accelerate your own growth!

Instructor Led Training

You Won’t Have to “Figure It Out” After the Training!

The easiest way to learn something is to do it! That’s why we bring your real world into the classroom. Every product management, product marketing and sales enablement training course is facilitated as a series of hands-on exercises that mirror your real-world implementation of the Proficientz Framework so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it after the training.

Try Before You Buy!

Take our product management training courses for a test drive before you schedule onsite training. Pay for a 3-month subscription to Product Management University On-Demand to experience our personalized training. We’ll credit the payment back to your onsite training fees.

Product Management Training Course Format
Online Product Management Training Courses

On-Demand Training

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer!

Whether you’re looking to make a career move or acquire skills that will help you lead a new product initiative successfully, Product Management University On-Demand, an online training curriculum, makes it easier than it has ever been. Our subscription model gives you skills, best practices and tools that are fine-tuned for B2B, whenever you need them, wherever you need them, and as many times as you need them. Enroll in our online product management training program today and start using innovative best practices that help you succeed every step of the way.

Corporate Learning & Development

Training for Every Stage of Development!

Your organization has everything from aspiring product managers to beginners to well-established leaders and everything in between. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training program that supports your efforts to groom, develop and retain your most talented people through each stage of growth.

Proficientz is the only product management training provider that offers basic, intermediate and advanced skills in both classroom and online settings so that your people have a seamless learning experience that’s most conducive to what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, when they prefer to learn, and where.

Product Management Curriculum
Product Management Framework

The Framework Behind the Training

Best Practices & Tools for Every Stage of Maturity

Nothing slows your product management maturation like starting with one framework only to switch to another as you develop and grow. The differences in terminology, toolsets and best practices can bring your momentum to a grinding halt.

Get started with the Portfolio Product Management Framework for B2B and you’ll never have to worry about it. Basic, intermediate and advanced best practices and tools take your team from product management infancy to solutions management to portfolio management without missing a beat.

Product Management Certification

It’s Like a Product Management MBA

When you get certified on the Proficientz Framework, you’re making a statement that says you’re driven enough to push yourself outside the comfort zone of traditional product management and learn advanced practices in portfolio product management, portfolio marketing and sales enablement that deliver better results and help you climb the career ladder faster.

Product Management Framework


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Product Management & Product Marketing Best Practices Book for B2B

product management book best practices B2B

Your target customers value business solutions more than products because solutions address needs that have greater strategic value to their organization.

Our product management and product marketing best practices book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 outside-the-box techniques for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement. The result is higher-value solutions that make customers quantifiably better at their business, and faster growth for your organization. It’s an easy read with actionable “how-to” tips.