Due to the COVID-19 virus, we’ve temporarily suspended onsite training but continue to take future bookings.

As a way of giving back to the product management and product marketing community, we’re offering a heavily discounted (practically free!) training program that will keep your career growth goals and corporate training initiatives moving forward.

Get a 1-month subscription to Product Management University On-Demand for only $99 (regularly $495) including certification through April 30, 2020.

It’s an online replication of our classroom training complete with video instruction, B2B examples, hands-on exercises and great templates. Take each lesson as many times as you like!



Hands-On, How-To Training For Building, Marketing & Selling Solutions With Strategic Customer Value

Personalized Onsite Training

Learn What Good Looks Like For Your Products!


Personalized hands-on learning so you won’t have to “figure it out” after the class!

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Online Training Courses

Learn Wherever, Whenever!


Fine-tuned for B2B product and service solutions. Sample Each Lesson for Free!

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Product Management Training

Leadership Begins With Market Knowledge and Ends With Customer Success!

If your product management team is going to lead and execute with purpose, it has to understand your target markets better than all other disciplines. They can’t keep operating in silos and cannibalizing one another for resources. It’s keeping a lid on your growth.

Portfolio Product Management Training from Proficientz will lift your team out of their silos, eliminate competing priorities and unite them behind a common set of customer goals, priorities and success metrics. They’ll execute with greater focus on customer outcomes and deliver solutions with strategic value that accelerate your growth!

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Product Marketing Training

Product Marketing Leadership and Sales Success Go Hand in Hand!

You can create the most awesome positioning and sales tools on the planet and the impact on sales will only be marginal. That’s because sales is usually driving product marketing instead of the other way around.

Portfolio Product Marketing Training from Proficientz puts your product marketing team in the driver’s seat with market knowledge, a strategy and execution tactics that fence the salesforce into your most lucrative markets. You’ll make it easier for sales to sell multi-product solutions with differentiating value. Larger deals, more revenue!

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Product Management Philosophy

A Framework For Every Stage of Maturity!

Customer Outcomes Simplify Everything

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or if you’ve been at it a while. Making customers better at things that have strategic value to their business is all that matters. The customer outcome framework from Proficientz is the only product management framework that starts with customer outcomes and ends with products. It’s a can’t-miss approach for consistently building, marketing, selling and delivering solutions with strategic value to accelerate your growth.

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Product Management & Product Marketing Certification

Differentiate Yourself!

Get certified on the Proficientz Portfolio Product Management Framework for B2B and make a statement that says you’ve pushed yourself beyond traditional product management and product marketing. You have what it takes to climb the career ladder faster!

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Product Management Framework

Product Management & Product Marketing Best Practices & Tips

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25 Best Practices for Managing & Marketing B2B Products

product management book best practices B2B

Managing Products to Deliver Solutions serves up 25 outside-the-box techniques for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement.

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