Advanced Product Management Training & Certification for B2B
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Make Customers Better at What They Do and Your Growth Goals Will Take Care of Themselves!

I Want to Transform Our Sales-Driven Product Culture into a Market-Driven Customer Value Culture

A Series of Transformation Workshops for Each Department

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You lack the market discipline to reach your next major growth milestone because every product team is still operating like a start-up.

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I Want to Learn Advanced Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement Skills for B2B

Hands-on Workshops For Your Products and Your Markets

Ideal if…

Your organization is constantly struggling to meet its growth goals because every product team is marching to a different drummer.

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New! Flat-Rate Training

Your product management, product marketing and sales teams can now learn advanced skills for one flat rate. Two-Day onsite workshop for up to 24 participants starting at $15,000.

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Get Our Product Management Best Practices Book for B2B

product management best practices for B2B

Your target customers value business solutions more than products because solutions address needs that have greater strategic value to their organization.

Our product management book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 best practices for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement that results in higher-value solutions for customers and faster growth for your organization.

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