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80% of every instructor-led training course consists of hands-on exercises that reflect your real-world. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it after the training because we’ll do it together first in the classroom.

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If you’ve got too many silos, competing priorities, low-value features and tactical positioning that doesn’t differentiate, adopt portfolio product management and product marketing. You’ll learn how to unite product, marketing and sales teams behind customer outcomes with proven strategic value. It’s the easiest way to grow your company and your career.

“I’ve done training on all the big frameworks and some of the lesser known models or frameworks. My feeling, after having been through many of them, is that Proficientz is the best!”

Jed Gresham, Product Leader

Product Management Course Markets & Customer Goals

Markets & Customer Goals

You’ll Never Miss the Target for Strategic Value Again!

A “portfolio” approach to market analysis means you’ll solve bigger problems with greater strategic value because you’re not looking at the market through the narrow lens of each product. A wider market lens without product filters keeps product teams, marketing and sales aligned to the customer’s most critical business outcomes – the solutions!

  • Segment markets to align products, marketing & sales to a common definition of “target markets.”
  • Create outcome-based personas and requirements that give product, marketing and sales teams clear and quantifiable value targets with strategic impact.
  • Do situational competitive analysis that keeps everyone focused on customer outcomes, not features.

**This module is a prerequisite for all courses.


Opportunities & Priorities

Strategies, Plans & Priorities That Stick Like Glue!

What’s best for every product isn’t always the most valuable thing for the customer! That’s the reason your strategies and priorities are constantly changing. They’re too focused on product success (subjective) and not focused enough on customer outcomes (objective). A “portfolio” approach fixes that by making quantifiable customer outcomes the centerpiece your product, marketing and sales priorities!

  • Using market analysis from the previous module, you’ll create outcome-based portfolio/product strategies, product plans, roadmaps and backlogs so that you’re always building and delivering quantifiable strategic value.
  • Create a portfolio product marketing roadmap that fences sales into the most lucrative markets with clear “solution” opportunities.
  • Create market positioning that uses the customer’s voice to communicate your value story from the top down or bottom up. Higher quality pipelines, anyone?
Product Management Course Opportunities & Priorities
Product Management Course Build & Deliver

Build & Deliver

Clear Value Targets Lead to Precise Execution!

It’s all about execution, and it’s even easier when the value targets are clear and don’t change with the wind! Learn 10 best practices for product design, development and go-to-market execution that yield better results with less effort.

  • Improve design, development and go-to-market efficiency that produces more revenue and stronger customer references.
  • Structure product management and product marketing teams for customer value/outcomes.
  • Facilitate rollouts that ensure readiness and success on all fronts.

Market & Sell

Create an Urgency to Buy!

Learn how to create and mobilize the customer’s version of your value story. Differentiation and more revenue from existing solutions is the end game!

  • Create outcome-based positioning that tells users how you’re going to make them more successful.
  • Create marketing and sales tools that tell your value story in the customer’s voice (not the product’s voice).
  • Train salespeople to sell outcomes, not features.
Product Management Course Market & Sell


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