To this day, white papers are still largely viewed as more educational than propaganda. For all the white papers produced, many B2B organizations fail to get the maximum marketing value for their efforts. The Playbook:

White Papers 101

There are a multitude of approaches to solving any problem. A white paper in its most basic form educates prospective customers on your approach to addressing an issue without making a direct sales pitch.  If readers like your approach, they’ll be more inclined to evaluate your products if the issue is relevant to their business.

For example, there are thousands of analytics solutions on the market today in every flavor imaginable. If you’re building or selling analytics solutions, your white paper should emphasize the latest market trends, business drivers, statistics, benefits, ROI, etc. that make your approach to analytics more beneficial than any others on the market.

The objective of your white paper is to offer further proof to those already in your camp and nudge those on the fence to embrace your way of thinking.

White Papers as a Hook

Most technology companies create white papers and simply post them to their website for visitors to view or download. Don’t stop there. Create email or social marketing campaigns around the theme of a white paper and use it as the fulfillment piece.

Be sure to get the contact information for anyone downloading your white papers. Don’t worry about deterring visitors by asking for information.  In most cases, people with genuine interest have no issue telling you who they are. Just be brief with the information you ask for.

Your sales or lead nurturing team now has a reason to contact someone with a discussion topic you know they’re interested in.

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