Creating value-based product backlogs is pretty simple when there’s a single strategic roadmap for the portfolio. Here’s why. The Playbook:

The strategic roadmap outlines the top-down business goals and priorities of your target customers along with the biggest operational obstacles standing in the way of those goals.

Grooming the backlogs (for all products) is as simple as determining the job tasks that have to change to eliminate the obstacles. Create your epics and user stories from there.

Here’s the best part.

  • Every product manager has a direct line of sight from epics and features to the customers’ business priorities and the value they add. Quantifying that value should be easier too.
  • It will be obvious when multiple products are required to satisfy a single epic, fostering greater collaboration across product teams to deliver higher-value solutions.
  • The strategic value of all backlogs collectively is greater because they’re aimed at a common set of customer business priorities with known strategic value.

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