What if your product management discipline consisted of two integrated teams – problem-finders and problem-solvers? You’d realize four key benefits – higher customer retention, faster growth, better day-to-day execution in the trenches and greater influence.


You only need a select few problem-finders, 10-20% of your team. They have no day-to-day product ownership. Their focus is to understand how broad industry/market dynamics impact strategic initiatives and business practices at all levels within your target-customer organizations.

Key Objectives:

  • Identify the highest value business needs from top to bottom in each market as a means of setting direction for your portfolio.
  • Define positioning of current offerings relative to the most critical needs in each market segment
  • Socialize market information regularly to ensure consensus market perspectives across the organization.


The majority of your team will be problem-solvers, 80-90%. They own the day-to-day care and feeding of your products and are regarded as the experts on products and user work processes.

Key Objectives:

  • Team with problem-finders to define high value solutions and plan new growth initiatives across the portfolio that solve larger scale problems and drive new growth for the organization.
  • Improve the value of existing products to retain customers.
  • Manage the day-to-day execution of all product initiatives

Integrating problem-finders and problem-solvers into a cohesive product management and marketing discipline is the easiest way to achieve maximum strategic impact. A discipline that improves customer retention, delivers new growth initiatives and executes with higher predictability is destined for greater influence.

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