Consider the following three stages of product management maturity and the skills your team needs to become proficient in each stage. The faster your maturation process, the more success you’ll see across engineering, marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

  1. Infancy– Individuals become proficient at building, marketing, selling and delivering products that make users quantifiably better at their job.
  2. Adolescence– Product teams collaborate to become proficient at building, marketing, selling and delivering  multi-product solutions that make customer departments quantifiably better at their business function in ways that have strategic value to the customer organization.
  3. Adulthood– The product management function leads the organization to build, market, sell and deliver a portfolio of vertical market business solutions that give the customer organization a competitive advantage in its industry.

Continuity is the key to developing your team through each stage, and a common product management framework is the key to continuity.

Proficientz offers the only frameworkand training programsthat take you from product management infancy to a market-savvy leadership function without missing a beat from one stage to the next.

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