Telco Product Management

Telecom Product Management Training

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Going Digital is an Enormous Undertaking 

Telecommunication companies, especially those with large legacy infrastructures, are faced with the daunting task digitizing their entire business in an effort to retain existing customers and attract new ones while remaining profitable. Simplifying every customer interaction, from high-quality digital content to automation of customer service and financial transactions is nothing short of monumental.

This digital transformation is necessary for survival and it’s calling for a completely new approach to managing and marketing products that emphasizes integrated solutions over standalone products. Product Portfolio Management is the new B2B product management and marketing for telecommunications companies.

Choose the training program that’s best suited to your situation and learn how to do telecom product portfolio management & marketing to accelerate your growth, profitably. Don’t need training yet? Check out our Product Management Consulting Services if you need help planning your implementation.

Product Portfolio Management Training That Eliminates Your Biggest Obstacles to Growth!

Product Management Has More Technical Expertise Than Market Expertise

Learn How To Do Basic Product Management & Marketing for B2B

Ideal if...

You're just getting started and/or most of your product managers are technical.
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We’re Marketing & Selling Tactical Products Instead of High-Value Business Solutions

Learn How To Position, Market & Sell Solutions to Decision-Makers

Ideal if...

Your salespeople are engaging too often with users and not enough with decision-makers.
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We Have Too Many Products For Too Many Markets and Too Many Competing Priorities

Learn How To Manage & Market Your Portfolio Strategically for Growth

Ideal if...

Your portfolio has grown and the constantly competing priorities have brought progress to a screeching halt!
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Our Agile Product Teams Haven’t Evolved Beyond Incremental Enhancements

Learn How To Deliver High-Value Solutions in an Agile Environment

Ideal if...

You're good at user stories but not so good at uncovering the next big problem to solve.
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Why Choose Proficientz?

  • Relevance – The Training is All About You
    Your markets. Your products. Your organization. Your Telecom Product Management Framework.
  • Hands-On, How-To Learning
    The easiest way to learn something is to do it. We teach you “how to” do it!
  • Skills, Not Concepts
    Skills can be used in the real-world. Concepts can’t. We teach skills!
  • B2B Specialization
    Are you building generic products? Then don’t invest in generic product management training. Hire a specialist!

What Clients Say

The portfolio approach to strategy and product management aligns perfectly with our CEOs thinking. Managing a $4 billion portfolio product by product was getting us nowhere fast.
Anthony, Director of Wholesale Strategy
The focus on portfolio instead of product was a good strategy for the team. It gave the whole team a better idea of what our strategic planning should focus on.
Tammy, Product Director
I don’t think the information could have been put together any better than it was. It seemed to cover everything, beginning to end. Great training, It definitely seems like it is the solution to many of the business problems we face.
Dustin, Product Marketing Director