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Negotiating Product Scope – Different Approach, Better Outcome

The relationship between product management and product development usually gets heated when negotiating product scope.  Product mangers feel like they’re never getting enough and developers feel like they’re being asked to do too much.  Both sides have a legitimate beef.  A simple change in the approach will improve the relationship and result in more valuable solutions [...]

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Designing Processes Before Products

Impatience and excitement are usually the culprits that keep you from designing processes before products. It's an easy trap to fall into. Everyone's excited about a new product or solution that just got the green light. Engineers and designers jump head first into product design, all with well-meaning intentions. But jumping the gun on product [...]

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Elevate the Product Management Development Relationship

Product management says, “we need…” and product development responds with, “we can only deliver….” It’s a typical relationship and both parties are rarely satisfied with the end results. When an unhealthy relationship festers too long, it can have a negative ripple effect across the organization. A consultative relationship however, produces results that are more favorable [...]

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Scr-agile-fall – The Latest in Software Development

Perhaps it’s the nature of the clients I’ve been working with the past year or two, or could it be the latest iteration (pun intended) in agile development? Virtually, 100% of the software companies I’ve worked with in the past two years are practicing a hybrid of agile/scrum and waterfall methodologies a.k.a. “scragilefall.” It works [...]

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WHITE PAPER: Post-Acquisition Integration

Is post-acquisition integration of product lines a pipe dream? The motivation behind most acquisitions is strategic in that it opens doors to new markets, expands the breadth of product solutions, provides an instant customer base, or some combination of all three. But after the deal closes, the wheels of execution often slow to a grinding halt. [...]

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