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Selling Around Deficiencies, Rock Star Product Managers & The Functional Designer Role

The B2B Product Manager Magazine April 2017 is now available. In this issue we cover everything from selling value in spite of your product’s deficiencies to what makes a rock star product manager to the criticality of the functional designer role. Plus tips for hiring the right product manager and getting unbiased customer feedback. View the April 2017 Issue. […]

Differentiation and Innovation: Your Ticket to Surviving Product Commoditization

As the barriers to entry continue to get lower, technology product lifecycles are becoming increasingly shorter. If you don’t want price to become the single biggest buying driver, you’ve got to find your way out of the commodity rat race.  Differentiation and innovation are your two best options! […]

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Product Demos: Selling Value in Spite of Product Deficiencies

Sales revenue would come easier if your products had every capability that prospects thought they needed during the buying cycle. Unfortunately, it will never be reality. Your products will always be deficient in someone’s opinion.  Don’t sweat it. Here’s how to respond to  product deficiencies while still selling value. […]

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Three Unexpected Data Points That Will Boost Your Website Lead Generation

A recent lead generation study, The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing, revealed three important data points that most people don’t expect — bits of information that can have a major impact on your website lead production if you know what to do with the data. Here they are. […]

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Win-Loss Analysis: Is It Really the Product?

How often is the product the real reason you win or lose a deal? […]

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Marketing Buzzwords: Why You Should Keep Them Out of Your Lexicon

It’s a common practice in all product companies to use marketing buzzwords and catchphrases in sales and marketing materials and in conversations with peers and colleagues. Are buzzwords bad? It all depends on who you’re talking to and what you’re trying to accomplish. […]

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Web Demos: Engaging An Audience You Can’t See

The #1 challenge with conducting web demos is the ability to read and engage an audience you can’t see.  Is the demo going well?  Are they doing e-mail while I talk?  Does anyone care?   Somebody, anybody, give me a sign! […]

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Product Demo Techniques: Telling Versus Selling

When it comes to product demo techniques, there are two styles: telling and selling.  The “telling” demo (stop me when you see a feature you like) won’t energize your buyers or set you apart from the competition. The “selling” demo energizes your buyers with a vision because it’s more about their business than it is your products. […]

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The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator. Regardless of what you’re doing in any of these functions, it all starts here. The Playbook: […]

Product Training for Sales – More Buyer, Less Product!

Product training for sales is one of the more daunting tasks for product managers and marketers and one of the biggest product rollout challenges in high-tech companies. You’ve created textbook sales and marketing materials.  You’ve spoon fed the information to the sales team on several occasions and in varying formats.  You’ve accompanied them on sales calls.  And yet, they’re still challenged to articulate key value points that hook a prospect and position your products in a manner that’s compelling. Try these 3 tactics and the proficiency of your salesforce will make a huge leap forward. […]

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