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The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator. Regardless of what you’re doing in any of these functions, it all starts here. The Playbook: […]

Product Training for Sales – More Buyer, Less Product!

Product training for sales is one of the more daunting tasks for product managers and marketers and one of the biggest product rollout challenges in high-tech companies. You’ve created textbook sales and marketing materials.  You’ve spoon fed the information to the sales team on several occasions and in varying formats.  You’ve accompanied them on sales calls.  And yet, they’re still challenged to articulate key value points that hook a prospect and position your products in a manner that’s compelling. Try these 3 tactics and the proficiency of your salesforce will make a huge leap forward. […]

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A Successful Product Rollout: The Key to a Killer Marketing Launch

A product rollout is mostly tactical in nature and is focused primarily on internal readiness — your ability to successfully market, sell, implement and support a new product. A product launch is the execution of a marketing communications plan designed to call the markets attention to your value proposition. A successful rollout is the key to a successful launch. […]

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Why Customers Buy – Understanding Your Real Value

If you were to ask any B2B sales, marketing, or product management professional why customers buy, their response would most likely be product or service related.  While the end result may be a product or service, it’s far from the real buying motivation. Here’s a simple way to figure it out. […]

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Positioning Products for Multiple Markets

What’s the key to positioning products for multiple markets? […]

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Portfolio Marketing – The New & Improved Solutions Marketing

Solutions marketing in its most basic form is the positioning of one or more products together that solve bigger problems than any one product can solve on its own. Portfolio marketing takes that concept up a notch or two. The Playbook: If your solutions marketing managers are going to do the legwork to determine how to best position existing products to the current needs of the market, why not use that same market intelligence to drive your portfolio strategy in product management? Portfolio marketing gives you one team of market experts that drive two strategic activities — product/portfolio planning and solution marketing/sales enablement. […]

What Is Product Portfolio Management? Seven Misconceptions

For those who’ve grown up practicing traditional product management environment, you may be asking yourself, what is product portfolio management and how is it different? The notion of product portfolio management often brings perceptions that may not be entirely accurate.  Here are the seven most common misconceptions we hear and why they really aren’t issues after all. […]

Managing the Three Most Common Sales Fire Drills

As a rule, product managers are an accommodating bunch. But managing sales fire drills can sure test their hospitality.  Most product managers are already stretched beyond their limits, and many sales requests are just one more distraction that adds to their stress and frustration of trying to do too many things and not doing any of them well. […]

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The Ultimate Sales Battle Card – Less is More!

“Wanna get away?” Most salespeople can identify with those Southwest Airlines commercials that show well-intentioned people stepping into really uncomfortable situations. If you’re a salesperson, you never want to experience that. If you’re in a product marketing role, you want to do everything in your power to keep salespeople out of those situations. A simple [...]

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The Biggest Reason the Sales Process Stalls After a Demo

The biggest reason the sales process stalls after a demo is because most salespeople don’t fully understand “why” buyers are evaluating their products. It’s more than just the tactical benefits your products offer to users, and if you look high enough in the customer organization, you’ll find it. […]

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