If creating sticky products is important, consider this.

If the solution brings greater value to your customer’s customers, it becomes even more valuable to your customers. It makes a strong case for B2B organizations to start their market intelligence and requirements-gathering efforts with their customer’s customers. It’s a tremendous opportunity to improve the sticky factor, innovate higher value solutions and create more predictable revenue streams.

Consider the following examples:

  • For solution providers targeting car dealers, the customer lifecycle of buying, selling and servicing cars is the starting point to understanding the most critical needs of the dealers.
  • For solution providers targeting retailers, the customer experience both in-store, online and the combination of both is the starting point for uncovering the most pressing needs of retailers.
  • The patient experience, both clinical and administrative, defines the most critical needs for any healthcare provider.
  • Component manufacturers have to consider the impact on the end user experience of the finished product before designing the components.

Imagine the clarity and context of the dialog inside your organization when the needs of your customer’s customers are the starting point of every product, marketing and sales conversation. Solution definitions, business requirements and user scenarios take on new meaning because the need and the impact become so much more obvious.

Your customers are constantly in search of ways to make their products and services stickier because in most cases, it’s easier and more profitable to nurture existing customers over a longer period than it is to find new ones who come and go quickly. Help them and you’ll be rewarded handsomely with more loyal customers and more predictable revenue streams of your own.

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