What’s the easiest way to figure out if we’re solving customer problems that matter?

Here are three simple things you can do to determine if you’re solving customer problems that matter.

  1. Identify Customer Outcomes

    What job tasks or workflows are your customers better at doing because of your products and why do they matter? Here’s the key to answering this question in a meaningful way. Answer it as if you’re the customer so that the value context is strictly about their business, e.g., finding and hiring the best job candidates faster so they get the best people.

    Be sure to focus on outcomes that can be measured so that value is unquestionable.

  2. Treat Product Management as a Team Game Instead of an Individual Sport

    When products are managed as individual entities (individual sport), it’s highly conducive to identifying only the small tactical user problems addressed by each product. Adopt a top-down organizational view of your target customers that’s shared by all product teams (team game) so that you have a big-picture view of what they need to accomplish from the C-suite down and why. Collaboration across product teams is the key to building, marketing and selling solutions with strategic value.

  3. Look to the Left and Right of Your Users

    There are things that happen in other parts of the organization that trigger your users to do something. There are things that your users do that trigger actions or next steps in other parts of the organization. Make sure you have the complete picture accordingly and your odds of delivering higher-value closed loop solutions (versus feature-rich products) goes up significantly.

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