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Trying to differentiate every product is like splitting hairs. And the bigger your portfolio gets, the harder it is to do. In B2B, it’s not necessary to differentiate every product to win more. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to generate more revenue from existing products by positioning solutions that communicate your ability to make customers more successful than the competition.


Bring Your Real World in the Classroom!

80% of every instructor-led training course consists of hands-on exercises and role-play scenarios that reflect your real-world. Learn how to do product management and product marketing for your products, your markets and your business model. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it after the training because we’ll do it together first in the classroom.

Course Objective: Create stronger demand for existing products with positioning that helps your target customers envision greater success with your solutions versus the competition.

Learn how to create the building blocks for great positioning and then put them all together in a finished marketing artifact of your choice.

Eliminate Seven Common Obstacles to Great Positioning

1.  “It’s Impossible to Differentiate Every Product.”

We couldn’t agree more! Here’s the thing. Your buyers only care about eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Whether it takes one product or five products to get the job done is less important. That’s the beauty of positioning solutions.

What You’ll Learn: How to change the conversation with positioning that’s built around the customer’s aspirations for success (their definition). Products and features are the perfect proof points to support the value story.

2.  “We Sound Just Like Everyone Else.”

When your positioning is built around problems, features and benefits, that’s the result! Here’s how to change it. Get to you know your target customers better than the competition and your voice of credibility changes the game.

What You’ll Learn: How to understand your target customers from their perspective. With that knowledge, you’ll be amazed at how the words and the stories just come to you.

3.  “We Need Headlines That Get People’s Attention.”

“Shock-vertising,” clickbait style headlines or superlatives like seamless and transformational aren’t necessary to hook your buyers. Sometimes it’s as simple as making a statement they agree with.

What You’ll Learn: How to create simple conversational headlines that engage your target customers regardless of the marketing or sales medium. Learn how to use those headlines to ensure a consistent value story across marketing and sales.

4.  “Keeping Their Attention is Even More Challenging!”

Nothing holds people’s attention like talking all about them. Short stories and scenarios that exude empathy and credibility are the perfect hooks to showcase the unique value of your solutions.

What You’ll Learn: How to create situational scenarios and stories that collectively produce a highlight reel for any solution or product, all neatly packaged under an umbrella value theme.

5.  “It Would Be Great If Everyone Told Our Value Story the Same Way.”

The key to consistency is simplicity, and less is more.

What You’ll Learn: How to use a single formula to create all of your marketing artifacts, sales tools, training materials, etc. You’ll create an artifact of your choice right there in the classroom and critique it with your instructor.

6.  “Can You Give Me an Overview of Product X?”

It’s a common request you get at trade shows, conferences and in every sales situation. Typical responses are chock full of features or value statement that elicit more questions than they answer.

What You’ll Learn: How to verbalize a product overview in a few short stories or scenarios that are critical to the success of every customer. Context rules!

7.  “It Feels Like We’re Always a Step Behind the Competition”

If features are the way you measure competitive strength, you’ll always be a step behind someone.

What You’ll Learn: How to create situational competitive positioning that swaps features for business results that customers care most about.

Course Schedule

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10:15: Break
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3:45: Break
5:00: Adjourn

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Product Management Trainer

Your Facilitator & Coach

John Mansour is a product marketing trainer and thought leader. As the founder and managing partner at Proficientz, John developed the first and only framework for managing and marketing products as solutions and published a book on the subject.

As the managing partner of Proficientz, John has worked with more than 2000 organizations that span high technology, business services, telecom, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and many others of all sizes.