On-the-Job Product Management Training

It’s Like On-the-Job Training For Every Situation

Situational Product Management Training is a new learning model from Proficientz that improves the skills of your team immediately by eliminating the gap between classroom learning and real-world practice.

Your team will simultaneously learn and implement best practices in small increments to ensure they fully develop their skills in each area. Over time, your organization will develop a strong core competence in product management, product marketing and sales enablement that ultimately becomes a competitive advantage.

In other words, you don’t have to figure it out on your own! It’s like having a golf instructor that teaches you how to hit the ball in every situation on the golf course instead of a golf instructor that just teaches swing techniques at the practice range.

Align Product, Marketing & Sales Teams and Gain Momentum

You’ll receive an allotment of training days each year (see below) to ensure product, marketing and sales teams are using the same techniques to uncover needs and deliver, position, market and sell your solutions. You’ll eliminate competing priorities and gain market momentum when everyone is going in the same direction and working toward the same customer-focused goals.

Situational Product Management Training – How It Works

Your Situational Learning & Development subscription kicks off with an overview of the Proficientz Framework to ensure everyone has a big-picture understanding of product management, product marketing and sales enablement activities and their interdependencies.
Identify a current priority such as creating roadmaps, presenting product plans, rolling out sales tools, etc.
Your team will participate in a short but focused training session on that specific activity. We’ll tailor the session to your circumstances, for example, preparing roadmaps to present at an upcoming user conference.
Immediately following the training, we’ll work together to create any required content, prepare your artifacts and develop the internal rollout and communications. We’ll make sure you’re prepared on all fronts to knock it out of the park.
Identify your next priority or initiative and we’ll do it all over again!


  • Superior ROI On Your Training Investment
    By eliminating the gap between the classroom and real-world practice, the skills of your team will improve immediately. As your organization changes and and the makeup of your teams change, the situational learning model gives you the flexibility for ongoing training to ensure the skills of your team stay aligned — without any additional training fees.
  • A Market-Driven Culture Beyond Product Management
    We’ll train marketing, sales, account management, product development, client services and all other customer-facing functions. The ultimate goal is a market-driven culture across the board.
  • Results at a Fraction of the Cost
    The iterative learning and implementation model all but guarantees results, and the cost per student day is a fraction of traditional training.
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Subscription Details

  • 10-person minimum
    • 10-20 Subscribers – 10 Onsite Training Days
    • 21-25 Subscribers – 12 Onsite Training Days
    • 26-30 Subscribers – 15 Onsite Training Days
    • Please contact us for pricing and further details.

In each session, Proficientz will train up to the number of people subscribed in the program. Participants can be from any part of the organization. For example, if 15 people are subscribed in the program, Proficientz will train up to 15 people from any part of the organization in each session.

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