Selling products you don’t have seems like it’s much easier, especially for salespeople. Why is that?

Selling products you don’t have is always easier, regardless of who’s selling, because the absence of features forces people to speak in terms of business value instead of feature-speak!


It goes something like this: this product (that we don’t have) will help you accomplish [a business goal] by eliminating [obstacles]. Sounds great!


If that approach works so well then why not apply to existing products? It’s simply a matter of reverse engineering the positioning narrative into pure business speak as if there are no features. Then add features as the last component as they provide the proof point to a well-articulated business scenario that’s spoken in the language of the customer.


If you want your salesforce to sell more of the solutions you have, create sales tools that lead with the business value dialogue (80%) and follow with the product features (20%). Then establish a process with your contracts department so that the head of product management has to approve all contractual commitments for anything that’s not currently available.