Product demo themes can improve your sales win rate. The key? They have to be crafted in the customer’s vocabulary and mirror their business goals. Here are three guidelines for creating and using demo themes to improve your sales win rate.

1.    Connect the Strategic and Tactical Dots

Your demo themes will be more effective and more credible if they connect tactical departmental/user issues (addressed by your product) to big-picture strategic issues that are top-of-mind with executive decision-makers.  For example:

“The number one goal of our solutions is to help you stop revenue leaks before they occur.”

In this case, your demo would be a compilation of user job tasks that illustrate many different ways revenue leaks can occur and go unnoticed. The features you’d show for each scenario exemplify how those revenue leaks would be prevented to preserve or improve revenue and profitability.

Stay away from generic themes like…reduce cost…improve efficiency…maximize ROI.  These buzz phrases have no context and make you sound like just like everyone else.

2.    Use the Value Theme to Highlight Your Product Differentiation

It’s easier to differentiate when you can build a value theme around unique capabilities of your product/company and use them as a common thread throughout the sales demo.

“You’ll have fewer revenue leaks with our solution because it’s the only one that eliminates the silos between your X, Y and Z business processes (via a common platform).”

In this case, every product capability should demonstrate the benefit that results from the real-time collaboration across business functions.  Throughout the demo, continue reminding your buyers that each (tactical) feature set supports to the “stop revenue leaks before they occur” strategic initiative.

3.    Repetition is Good  

If you say it enough, they will believe it so long as it aligns with something that’s important to them.  They key here is to articulate the value theme as a benefit to the buyer and use product capabilities as proof points.  Notice in the two examples above the headline is all about what you can do for the buyer versus the attributes of the product.

The more your demo can tie operational issues to strategic initiatives in the executive suite, the better your chances of winning the sale.  The demo theme is the line that connects the dots.

If your demos are uninspiring to the point they’re delaying buying decisions or resulting in more losses, contact Proficientz to discuss demos that use customer-facing value themes to energize your buyers, shorten sales cycles and improve win rates.