Nothing accelerates the sales process more than a presentation that simply “nails it.” Here’s a quick test to determine the Buyer Relevance Quotient (BRQ) of your sales presentations. The Playbook:

  1. Go find your best sales presentation.
  2. Count the number of slides where at least 80% of the content on the slide is about the buyer’s business (not about the product). Examples include market trends in the buyer’s industry, CEO initiatives in the buyer’s company, the buyer’s current business practices/processes, operational goals, etc.
  3. Divide the number of buyer-relevant slides by the total number of slides in the presentation. The result is your BRQ. For example, if 20 of 25 slides are buyer-relevant, your BRQ is .80.

Use the following as a guide to assess the BRQ of your sales presentations.

  • .70 or higher: Green Zone – Buyers will love you because they’re highly engaged in presentations that are mostly about them.
  • .50 – .69: Yellow Zone – The more product content there is in a presentation, the higher the risk it’ll go down a technical product rabbit hole where the discussions are irrelevant to the customer’s buying motivations.
  • Lower than .50: Red Zone – You’re toast! These sales presentations are all about the product and how it works. The risk of a loss or no decision is high. You’ll probably notice people doing other things like email or texting during the presentation.

If you’re questioning how a presentation that’s only 30% product content can sell the product, the answer is simple.

Psychologically, most buyers aren’t actually buying the product, per se. They’re buying your ability to clearly articulate their business goals and obstacles in pure business parlance then discussing how the product solutions will eliminate their obstacles. Your products are merely proof points that substantiate your knowledge of WHAT buyers are trying to accomplish and WHY it’s important to their success. Remember, if you’re able to speak the business language of your buyers better than the competition, those buyers subconsciously assume your products and services are superior.

Make life easier for your sales people by educating them more on the top-down business of your target customers. When combined with product proof points, it’s an unbeatable combination. It’s the best story that usually wins, which isn’t always the best product!

If the buyer relevance quotient for your sales presentations is in the yellow or red zone, there’s good news: it’s one of the easiest problems to fix. Contact us today and we’ll have your sales presentations in the green zone in no time.