The whole point of creating a sales playbook is to give your sales team “situational sales tools” that make them highly effective in every part of the sales process. The end game is a shorter sales process where you’re the clear choice.

Here are five staples that should make the shortlist in every sales playbook. The Playbook:

1. The Product Overview

“Can you give me an overview of your products/services?” It’s one of the first and most common questions salespeople in all capacities get asked. Unfortunately, the answer is usually a description of WHAT the product does with little or no value context around it – the WHY part.

There’s a short and simple script for salespeople, and they don’t even need product knowledge to answer the question.

It’s not a positioning statement. Think about the ultimate business outcome your products deliver to customers and the most common obstacles they face. That’s the simplest way to answer the question in a language buyers easily understand.

2. The Qualification Scorecard

The goal of a qualification scorecard is to give salespeople an objective way to measure the likelihood of winning the deal.

There are two parts to the qualification scorecard.

Qualifying the Opportunity

Qualifying the opportunity is something that usually comes from your sales methodology. In most cases, it’s a lot of questions and many of the responses aren’t easily quantified . They don’t give salespeople any actionable insights that guide them to a win.

There are three main things that can easily be measured to qualify the opportunity.

    • The budget
    • The approval process and the players
    • The timing

Qualifying the Need

Qualifying the need is about getting answers to all of the WHAT & WHY  questions.

A simple 3-point scoring system gives salespeople an accurate read on their opportunities and where to focus their efforts going forward.

3. Situational Competitive Analysis.

It’s not a feature comparison. The goal of situational competitive comparisons is to point out how and why your solutions gives the buyer superior outcomes in the most critical situations.

It’s a short list of common business scenarios that produce the highest value outcomes for the customer and how you compare to the competition in each scenario.

4. The Script for Scheduling & Facilitating Discovery Meetings

It’s a simple email script that puts buyers in a comfortable position and gives you everything you need to qualify the opportunity.

The issue with most discovery meetings is that buyers naturally put up a wall. They have this crazy perception that salespeople are trained to use psychological tactics to extract information. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You’re ultimately trying to find out WHY the issues your product addresses have suddenly become important enough for the buyer to spend money to solve them.

Maybe you should just have buyers start the discovery meeting by answering that question!

5. Follow-up Email Scripts

After a discovery call, a demo or any other meeting, it’s always a good idea for salespeople to recap the meeting in a simple and concise manner without coming across too salesy.

There are 3-5 components that sum up any meeting in a way that boosts credibility with the buyer and drives the sales process to the next steps.

Sales Playbook: Less is More!

Your sales playbook is a product. There are many things that can go into it. As you create your MVP playbook, keep in mind that most salespeople take a “path of least resistance” approach to their job. Map out your sales process and consider the top 3 assets salespeople need to get from each stage to the next. Start there!

Your sales playbook will be simpler, smaller and far more effective in helping salespeople drive the process to a close.

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