Do you recommend a sales discovery document for each product?

3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Sales Discovery Document for Every Product

1. Objection, Your Honor…Leading the Witness

We already know what problems our product solves and it’s safe to assume every buyer has the majority of them! The bigger question is why are they so important now? You don’t need a product-specific sales discovery document for that.

The goal of discovery is to find out WHY the problems your product solves are critical to the success of the buyer’s organization from the top down. There’s nothing product specific required to have a business conversation about that.

2. Missed revenue Opportunities

If you only understand tactical product-related problems, you’re leaving money on the table and missing opportunities to sell a more strategic solution that encompasses more products.

Here’s the thing. Asking broader questions often leads to other issues that fall right into your wheelhouse. A product-specific sales discovery document limits your ability to uncover those issues and opportunities.

3. It’s Just Not Necessary

Discovery calls shouldn’t change based on the product buyers “think they need.” Once you understand what buyers are trying to accomplish and why, the products that are appropriate will be obvious. Some technical questions may be appropriate later on to uncover any tactical show-stoppers, but that’s it.

Plus, do you really want to update a sales discovery document every time new features are released? It’s a maintenance nightmare for product management or product marketing.

If you want to simplify your sales discovery approach and uncover value targets that are more strategic, Contact Proficientz to discuss our training programs and how a “customer outcome” approach can simplify your product marketing and sales and make your solutions look simple.

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