The Mission of B2B Product Management – Your Organization’s Success is Riding On It!

B2B Product Management White PaperAtlanta, GA – November 4, 2013 – Proficientz, Inc., a product management training firm for B2B organizations, announced a new white paper today, The Mission of B2B Product Management – Your Organization’s Success is Riding On It! The white paper offers a compelling new perspective on two distinct approaches to product management & marketing in B2B organizations and the impact of each on the success of the organization.

This 3-page white paper illustrates how a mission centered on “building great products” creates an artificial ceiling on the overall value an organization is capable of delivering and limits its success to the success of each product.

A mission centered on the “goals of the target-customer organizations,” cultivates a product management discipline that’s more knowledgeable on the top-to-bottom business of its target customers than any other part of the organization. That competency in product management & marketing translates into an organization that delivers solutions with substantially greater value. The white paper contains two real-world examples of successful organizations as a result of this approach.

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About Proficientz

The single most important competency for a high-performing B2B product management & marketing discipline is a comprehensive understanding of the top-to-bottom business of its target-customer organizations, their goals and the biggest obstacles they face in meeting those goals.

The Proficientz framework, training programs and consulting services help B2B organizations develop that competency and deliver solutions that remove bigger obstacles to growth and profitability for their target customer organizations.