Certifies Skills Unique to Managing and Marketing a Portfolio of B2B Products and Services

Atlanta, GA – June 20, 2013 – Proficientz, Inc.,a product portfolio management training firm for B2B organizations, announced today that its certification is now available at no cost. The Portfolio Management & Marketing Certification is the only certification that validates skills and knowledge of best practices specific to a portfolio of B2B and B2B2C products and services.

PPM CertifiedCertification is issued upon successful completion of the Portfolio Management & Marketing Certification exam, a series of real world scenarios specific to B2B and B2B2C organizations. The concepts follow the Proficientz Framework and go above and beyond traditional practices of managing every product like a business to include practices required to manage and market a portfolio of products and solutions under a common portfolio strategy.  The exam is administered online with automated scoring, allowing participants to see their score at the end of the exam.

Customers who have taken training from Proficientz over the past 3 years have met the prerequisite for taking the exam.   Individuals interested in taking the certification exam can prepare by taking the Product Management Best Practices or Product Portfolio Management course.

According to John Mansour, Managing Partner at Proficientz, “B2B product management and marketing are unique. Traditional product management certifications and academic programs teach principles that apply more heavily to consumer products. We want to offer those in the profession the opportunity to make a statement that differentiates their skills in ways that are more valuable to B2B organizations.”

For more information on the certification or to request the exam, please contact us via email or call 866-797-3647, ext. 1.


About Proficientz

Proficientz is on a mission to rewrite the book on B2B product management and marketing. B2B organizations can only go so far managing and marketing each product like a business (traditional product management) because too many “businesses” going in too many different directions dilute the organization’s core strengths. Product Portfolio Management is the new B2B product management, a framework that leverages the organization’s strengths so that it consistently delivers higher impact and higher value solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

The Proficientz Framework delivers three primary benefits.

  1. It helps individuals become more proficient at creating, managing and marketing products to improve customer retention and grow recurring revenue streams.
  2. It helps teams of product managers, marketers and strategists uncover bigger problems and deliver higher value solutions by utilizing multiple products within the portfolio to drive new growth and create unique value.
  3. It helps organizations improve day-to-day execution and resource utilization by synchronizing tactical initiatives across all disciplines to a common portfolio strategy that supports the organization’s short and long term goals.

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