How can product usability drive more revenue?

The holy grail of product usability is attained when your product offers such a compelling experience users feel obligated to recommend it to others. It works wonders on your top line.

Make the following three things part of your product design culture and more revenue will follow.

  1. Intent.  Before any product requirements are written and designs penned, clearly state the overall intent of every product as it relates to the business goals of your target customers.  For example…to help our customers hire the best possible candidate…to reduce the cost of operating the call center while improving the customer experience, etc.
  2. People.  Dedicate full-time domain experts to the design process — people who understand the job of the user, how they do it and how they’re measured. It’s not the second string job of a product manager or engineer.
  3. Process Before Product.  This is where most usability issues occur. Spend time up front mapping out job tasks of the user and the parts of that task hinder their job performance.

Paying for a taxi ride versus paying for an Uber or Lyft ride. Case closed!