Product success is analogous to a scenario many people can identify with. A routine visit to the doctor reveals that you weigh more than you should, your blood pressure and blood sugar are high, your cholesterol is nearing the danger zone and your heart isn’t functioning as well as it should.

Though you’re not suffering any ill effects from these issues today, your doctor tells you that it’s time to make some lifestyle changes in order to avoid serious health issues later.

You have two clear choices:

  1. Do nothing because it’s easier – knowing full well that there’s a higher risk of health problems down the road.
  2. Heed the advice of your doctor, difficult as it may be, and make some significant lifestyle changes to reduce the odds of undesirable health issues later.

Take this same analogy and apply it to many B2B organizations. They’ve been meeting growth and profitability goals consistently for many years running – but then they hit a point that’s analogous to the doctor visit described above.

  • The market is more crowded with competition.
  • Your unique value has eroded.
  • The cost of sales is higher – and so are the discounts.
  • Customer success stories don’t pack the punch they used to.
  • Retaining customers is more difficult.

Just like the health analogy, there are two clear choices.

  1. Just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s easier, knowing full well that the risk of undesirable consequences grows as time goes on.
  2. Shift the focus of the organization 180 degrees and let “measurable customer success” drive every decision instead of product success, revenue and profitability. It’s the equivalent of eating healthier, exercising more, cutting back on alcohol, etc.

How One Company Made Customer Success Its Cornerstone.

This is a lifestyle change that’s hard to make given that many organizations have never done it. However, if they can make the cultural shift, there’s a strong likelihood that they’ll live a long, fruitful and independent life with an exit strategy of their choice.

Businesses function much like people. If you lead a healthy lifestyle starting at an early age, the odds are good that your quality of life will remain high decades later.

Organizations that are founded with a single mission of making customers measurably better at their business (a la leading a healthy lifestyle), are likely to grow consistently year in and year out, remain comfortably profitable, and exit on their own terms. Why?

They understand exactly how their customers define and measure success at all levels of the customer organization, and they align every part of their organization to the customers’ definition of success. Growth and profitability largely take care of themselves because the more customer successes they have, the easier those successes are to achieve.

What percentage of organizations practice a healthy lifestyle from a very early age versus those who have to make a significant lifestyle change later? Weigh in below.

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