Product presentations and demos can be the determining factor in winning or losing a sale. In many cases, it comes down to the credibility of the presenter more than the capabilities of the product. From a buyer’s perspective, the psychology goes something like this: “If you can articulate my issues in the exact manner I do, your product must be great at handling them.” Think back to a sale you lost when you clearly had the superior solution, or a sale you won when you clearly didn’t. Case closed! The presenter is the difference. Follow three simple guidelines to differentiate with credibility and boost your win rates. The Playbook:

  1. Stop Leading With “We” and Start Leading With “You.”
    The quickest way to disengage your audience is to talk about yourself, as in “we’re the leading provider of…we have a zillion customers…we have the most flexible solutions, etc.” You can we-we-we yourself right out of a sale. Lead with business goals that your buyers will achieve by using your solutions.

    • “Your fuel costs will be significantly lower because we’ll route your vehicles more economically.”
    • “Your loan default rate will be much lower because our due-diligence process is more discriminating than all the others.”
  2. Listen as Much (or more) Than You Talk.
    By following guideline #1 your buyers will be much more engaged because you’re speaking a language they understand. If you let them talk long enough, they’ll sell themselves. Don’t interject with product specifics at every opportunity. Wait for a pause, paraphrase what you’ve just heard and relate it to strengths of your product or company, or other customer situations that are similar. Then zip it and let them talk some more.

    As long as your buyers are talking, they feel good about dealing with you. And in most cases, a good gut feeling determines who wins the business. Product or company attributes justify the decision.

  3. Net It Out.
    Don’t expect your buyers to walk away with that one differentiating value theme if you don’t hit them right between the eyes with a very simple message. Keep rule #1 in mind. For example, “Lowering your fuel costs and improving driver safety is our one and only mission.”

The moral of the story is this: make selling situations more about the buyer than the product. As long they’re focused on themselves there’s less reason to put your product under the microscope.

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