Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Training

Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Training Course

“We’re selling tactical products to users instead of selling solutions to buyers.”

“Our positioning is more about our products than it is our customers.”

“Everyone’s telling a different story.”

We’ve all met that dreaded person at a social gathering that immediately rambled on and on about their life and didn’t know when to put down a period! You don’t want your positioning to be like that, or worse yet, your salespeople.

This product marketing and sales enablement course is a hands-on, how-to workshop that will help you flip the switch from an “all about me” product dialogue to an “all about the customer” business dialogue that’s easy for everyone to understand and repeat. You’ll learn how to differentiate from the competition and open more doors for sales at the decision-maker level, where it’s easier to sell business value. You’ll learn how to use positioning to fill the sales pipeline with high-quality leads that engage sales with decision-makers first before discussions with users ensue. The best story wins the deal!

Training Program Overview

Gather Market & Customer Insights: Creating Your Positioning Platform

It’s more than just positioning the value of products to users! In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to uncover the most critical business needs of your target customer organizations from the top down and create the platform for all of marketing and sales enablement.

  • Learn how to identify the most critical business needs of your target customers from the top down — strategic, operational and tactical — and then use their vocabulary to create highly relevant positioning.
  • Learn how to create compelling messages for senior executives, senior managers and people doing the work in the trenches (users).
  • Learn how to neatly tie all of your value propositions back to a common theme that differentiates your offerings from the sea of growing competitors.

The Proficientz Difference: Your positioning will communicate greater strategic value than the competition because we make it easier to understand what’s driving your target customers from the top down and position your offerings more strategically.

Strategize & Plan: Building the Conversation for Strategic, Operational and Tactical Audiences

In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to create conversational value propositions that articulate the strategic value of your organization to senior executives, the operational value of your solutions to senior managers and the tactical value of products to users — in plain conversational English!

  • Learn how to create a headline value theme that speaks to the aspirations of your target customers.
  • Learn how to create a simple elevator pitch that doesn’t come across as “fluffy marketing.”
  • Learn how to create situational positioning scenarios that reflect the issues executives, managers and users  are losing sleep over.

The Proficientz Difference: Your value propositions will delivered with greater consistency because business conversations are easier to understand and repeat than technical conversations.

Deliver, Market & Sell: Initiating the Conversations and Showcasing Your Unique Value

In this section of the course you’ll learn how to operationalize your positioning and use it to initiate more conversations with decision-makers. You’ll learn how to open doors for salespeople higher in the prospect organization where it’s easier to sell business value and drive the sales process from the top down.

  • Learn how to use your positioning to create content for all marketing and sales purposes.
  • Learn how to determine when it’s more beneficial to position your solutions vertically versus horizontally.
  • Learn how to socialize your positioning internally and train all outward facing functions to tell the story consistently.

The Proficientz Difference: Your marketing and sales enablement programs will open more doors at the decision-maker level because we make it easier to communicate strategic business value.

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  • 2-Day Workshop
    • $1600 per person, 6-person onsite minimum
    • Includes 1-year access to Proficientz Templates that reinforce the training and simplify adoption.

** See our Situational Learning & Development Program for continuous on-the-job-training.

Client Site Only

Who Should Attend

Product, Industry & Solutions Marketing Managers

Portfolio Managers

Product Managers

Product/Market Strategy Managers

Marketing Communications

Sales & Pre-sales