You’ve surely experienced this scenario. You’re inquire about a product or service. A salesperson contacts you. The first thing they talk about are the benefits of doing business with their company. Your primary interest on the other hand is to discuss your own situation first. The Playbook:

Keep this in mind when creating presentations for marketing and sales events. The attention of your buying audience is greatest at the start of the presentation. You want to hold that attention and take it up a notch as the presentation progresses.

Start your presentations with topics that keep your audience in their comfort zone. There are 4-6 problematic situations that are common to everyone in your audience. Beyond the 10 seconds required to tell the audience what your company does, lead off with those situations and you’ve got them hooked right up front.

The credibility you demonstrate with those scenarios earns you the right to end your presentation with a few need-to-know facts about your company that are now icing on the cake.

Result: Your audience walks away with this perception: knowledgeable people, great products, great company!

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