Take a minute and go read a few of your product web pages or a piece of product literature.

They’re well-worded, proper and grammatically correct, which also means they probably lack emotion. In this day and age where buying decisions are 50-80% made (depending on the study) before prospects ever engage, establishing an immediate emotional connection is a must. The Playbook:

The #1 rule of positioning is that it has to reflect the customer’s mindset. Attitude, analogies and word choices are key ingredients. Proper sentence structure is no longer required.

For example, instead of the using the word challenging, use an analogy that paints a vivid picture of how challenging it is. “If you’ve ever tried to…It’s like that.”

If something is rapidly changing, “it changes faster than…” (something your audience immediately relates to).

Interesting, emotional and credible positioning is a delicate balance. Nail it and you’ll see the uptick in your pipeline and close rates.

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