Imagine that your positioning is so clear and so simple that it doesn’t require anyone to think. They just get it!

It’s rare but you know it when you see it, and it’s the simplicity that stands out. Great salespeople are masters at doing it verbally. The Playbook:

Your first step to the positioning promised land is creating “net it out” value themes, simple umbrella phrases that mirror the aspirations of your target customers. for example, “convert every free trial into a paying customer.”

Once you have those, add a few scenarios that reinforce the theme (see tip #3) and you have a value story that’s clear, strong and simple but still conversational.

Go big! Instead of doing it for a product, create the story around a mission critical customer workflow that requires multiple products/services (e.g., admitting a patient). Now you’ve positioned a solution with strategic customer value. More value, more revenue!

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