Someone walks into your booth at a tradeshow and asks for an overview of Product X. It’s a tough question to answer and pique someone’s interest in the first 30 seconds.

Classic “elevator pitch” positioning statements aren’t ideal because they’re not conversational. Answering with features and benefits focuses too much on HOW the product works with too little emphasis on WHY it’s valuable. The Playbook:

Try this. Start your product overview with the phrase, “you how you…” or “let’s say you’re…” and fill in the blank with a common job task that’s problematic for most people. “Let’s say you’re adding someone to your insurance plan.”

You’ll accomplish two things. First, you’ll immediately grab the attention of the interested party because you’re talking about them, and second, you’ll keep the conversation focused on business value instead of a technical conversation that can easily take you down a path to nowhere.

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