Web pages, literature, booth signage, presentations, email campaigns and the list goes on. They all need great headlines to hook your target audience.

But coming up with simple attention-grabbing phrases that engage prospective customers might be one of the toughest parts of product marketing, especially for technical products. The Playbook:

Our natural tendency is to create WE headlines because it’s important to let buyers know we can help them. We’re the most…We have…We’re more… The problem with WE statements is that they’re not welcoming or enticing to those who don’t know us.

The other tendency is to use benefit statements that summarize our value in a simple phrase. It’s really hard not to overthink them and it’s even harder to come up with something meaningful.

The unfortunate result is headlines that are too broad or generic. “Our Focus is Value Creation.” “Empowering Your Data.” Would either of those grab you by the seat of your pants as you stroll the conference exhibit hall? Probably not.

Sometimes, the best headlines are simple statements that your target audience agrees with, something that reflects their sentiments. They’re like welcome mats that tell buyers, “we get you.” Kindred spirits, instant connection!

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