Product Positioning Courses

Product Marketing Courses & Sales Enablement

Are You Marketing & Selling Tactical Products or Strategic Solutions?

There’s a direct correlation between your positioning and your ability to sell strategic value to the executive buyer. The more technical your positioning, the more your salespeople will be pulled into low-level feature conversations with users.

Scroll down and click to get the details on our product positioning courses. No one makes it easier to market and sell strategic business value to executive decision-makers with a supporting dialogue of (product) proof points to credibly win over the users. Schedule your onsite workshop today.

How To Do Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

2-Day Training Course

Learn the Art of Using Your Customer's Vocabulary

If It’s Easy to Understand, It’s Easy to Repeat!

Product Demo Training Class

How To Do Software Product Demos and Sales Presentations

2-Day Training Course

Prospects are Buying the Presenter

Prospects are buying the credibility of presenter as much or more than they’re buying the products!


Why Choose Proficientz?

  • Relevance – The Training is All About You
    Your markets. Your products. Your organization. Your Positioning & Sales Enablement Framework.
  • Hands-On, How-To Learning
    The easiest way to learn something is to do it. We teach you “how to” do it!
  • Skills, Not Concepts
    Skills can be used in the real-world. Concepts can’t. We teach skills!
  • B2B Specialization
    Are you building generic products? Then don’t invest in generic product management training. Hire a specialist!

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