Product Portfolio Strategy Training

Product Strategy Training

This training program is ideal if…

“there are too many competing product visions and no one can ever agree.”

“our offsite strategy meetings are all over the board with no consensus.”

“our strategic priorities are more about us than they are our target customers.”

The more customer-centric the strategy, the easier the execution! This advanced product portfolio strategy workshop provides the ideal structure and format for a productive 2-day offsite strategy meeting that results in a clear set of priorities and strong consensus. Your team will come away energized by a strategy that’s centered on what you’ll help customers accomplish both strategically and tactically, and how you’ll grow profitably doing it with your portfolio of products and services.

In this hands-on, how-to strategic planning forum, you’ll walk through a series of questions that are unnatural for  most product companies to ask themselves. You already know the answers — and they’ll make your strategic priorities crystal clear. You’ll align product, marketing and sales teams to common goals and your portfolio roadmap will prescribe the exact route for delivering, marketing and selling higher-value business solutions that accelerate growth and keep you ahead of the competition.

Training Program Overview

Identify Your Most Lucrative Markets

The most lucrative markets for each product may not be the most lucrative markets for your organization. In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to identify the most lucrative markets for the organization so that your product, marketing and sales teams are strategically and tactically aligned.

  • Learn how to analyze your portfolio to get a clear picture of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in each market so that your strategic investment decisions are made objectively.
  • Learn how to uncover market needs from the executive buyers in the C-suite all the way down to the task masters in the trenches so that your product, marketing and sales initiatives consistently deliver strategic value.
  • Learn how to develop a strong cadence for communicating market information across the organization so that everyone sees the same markets through the same lens and the rogue initiatives are kept to a dull roar!


Create a Market & Portfolio Strategy For Growth

A product-centric strategy is a house of cards because there’s alway a better product idea! In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to create a market and portfolio strategy that drives predictable growth by making the business goals of your target customers the focal point.

  • Learn how to develop a portfolio strategy (the destination) with integrated product, marketing and sales enablement plans (the turn-by-turn directions) that communicate how you’ll help customers meet their business goals and grow profitably doing it.
  • Learn how to create strategic and product roadmaps without making product commitments so that you only need one version of each roadmap for all audiences.
  • Learn how to create product, marketing and sales enablement plans that are complementary instead of competitive to reduce the number of stops, starts and shifts in priorities.

Deliver, Market & Sell

The hardest part is always the execution. But it’s not nearly as hard when the target you’re aiming for is crystal clear. In this section of the course you’ll learn how a customer-centric focus takes the devil out of the details and simplifies day-to-day execution in the trenches.

  • Learn how to define and prioritize operational to-do’s across departments to execute the strategy.
  • Learn how to structure your existing team to most efficiently determine the strategic direction of your product portfolio and execute the product, marketing and sales tactics in the trenches.

The Proficientz Difference: Your solutions will be more valuable, your value propositions will be more relevant and your salespeople will win more because our B2B product management framework is the only one that teaches you how to make your customers successful and use your products and services to grow profitably doing it.

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  • 2-Day Workshop
    • $1600 per person, 6-person onsite minimum
    • Includes 1-year access to Proficientz Templates that reinforce the training and simplify adoption.

** See our Situational Learning & Development Program for continuous on-the-job-training.

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Portfolio Managers

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