• product portfolio management courses

Product Portfolio Management Courses

The More Products We Have, The More Our Priorities Change! 

If your product priorities are constantly changing or you’re routinely victimized by “shiny object syndrome,” it’s time to make the shift from a tactical products model to a strategic solutions model. Product Portfolio Management is the new B2B product management.

Schedule one of our advanced portfolio product management courses and get on the fast track to growth by learning how to manage markets first, then products. You’ll learn how a vertical market approach to strategy simplifies the management of your horizontal product portfolio and results in solutions that are more valuable than any single product.

Product Portfolio Management Training Courses

How To Do Portfolio Product Management & Marketing

3-Day Training Course

Portfolio is Huge and Growing?

Align all priorities to a single market strategy to drive growth.

Product Strategy Training

How to Create a Market & Portfolio Strategy

2-Day Training Course

Constantly Changing Priorities?

Focus on Customer Goals and Eliminate Strategy du jour and Shiny Object Syndrome

strategic portfolio roadmapping

Basic Skills for Managing an IT Product / Project Portfolio

2-Day Training Course

Everyone's Project is a #1 Priority

Establish Priorities Across Business Units


Why Choose Proficientz?

  • Relevance – The Training is All About You
    Your markets. Your products. Your organization. Your Portfolio Product Management Framework.
  • Hands-On, How-To Learning
    The easiest way to learn something is to do it. We teach you “how to” do it!
  • Skills, Not Concepts
    Skills can be used in the real-world. Concepts can’t. We teach skills!
  • B2B Specialization
    Are you building generic products? Then don’t invest in generic product management training. Hire a specialist!

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