A product marketing roadmap for sales is like a popular technique used in deep sea fishing. The captain turns on the sonar to locate schools of fish, you put the appropriate bait on your line, drop it and start reeling in the fish. Use a product marketing roadmap to take your salesforce on the equivalent of a deep sea fishing excursion. You’ll like the impact on your top line.

Your product marketing roadmap is the equivalent to sonar on a fishing boat. It identifies where the best opportunities are relative to the strength of your existing solutions, articulates the value positioning (bait) required to reel them in, then turns the salesforce loose on those opportunities via demand generation programs. It’s a simple technique that will help you generate more short-term revenue from existing solutions.

If product marketing considers sales it’s primary customer, here are three things it should do every year to boost their success rate.

  1. Identify the top markets and corresponding business solutions (from existing products) in each market that will drive the lion’s share of revenue “this year.”
  2. Create a simple and conversational value story that’s easy for salespeople to internalize, repeat and know exactly what they’re saying, instead of just memorizing the lines. 80% customer business goals & obstacles and 20% product is a good rule of thumb!
  3. Execute demand generation programs (in the top markets) that open doors for salespeople at the decision-maker level where the value messaging will engage those decision makers in meaningful conversations.

A product marketing roadmap is as valuable to your salesforce as a product roadmap is to your engineering team. In both cases, they outline where you’re going, how you’ll get there and why you’ll succeed.

The only difference between a product marketing roadmap and product roadmap is that the product marketing roadmap is aimed at driving short-term revenue from solutions you already have versus a product roadmap that’s aimed at driving longer-term growth from solutions you need to build.

If a product marketing roadmap can you help your organization drive more short-term revenue from existing solutions, contact Proficientz. We make it easier than any other trainer to create your product marketing roadmap, the supporting value story and sales tools that simplify execution.