Advanced Product Management Training for B2B

It’s Like Getting an MBA in Product Management and Product Marketing!

Product management training courses that only teach you how to build great products for users are holding talented people back, not to mention keeping a lid on your organization’s growth. Why? They’re limited to tactical products and users with no real focus on delivering strategic value to the top levels of the customer organization.

Here’s the deal. Your customers are coming to you for solutions that help them get rid of organizational silos so they can better execute their strategy. How can you possibly eliminate their silos when your product teams are working in silos of their own, with no a big-picture view of the customer organization and their strategic goals?

Advanced product management training courses from Proficientz are the only programs on the market that unite your product, marketing and sales teams behind a common view of the customer organization with a clear line of sight between their strategic goals at the executive level and the tactical activities in the trenches that affect your users.

It’s a one-of-a-kind approach that will help your people flourish and grow their careers in ways no other training programs can match. They’ll accelerate your growth in the process, with unique skills and best practices for delivering, marketing and selling solutions that have greater strategic value than any single product.

Don’t settle for conventional product management training courses that start and end with “products and users.” Learn Advanced Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement best-practices for B2B, offered only by Proficientz! It’s like getting your MBA in product management and product marketing.


B2B Product Management Training Courses at a Glance

Product Portfolio Strategy Training Courses

How to Do Portfolio Product Management & Marketing

Strategic Solutions That Make You Indispensable to Your Customers!

When you have too many competing priorities, it can paralyze your organization to the point where you’re no longer meeting the needs of the market, and you wake up one day staring at the backsides of all your competitors. This advanced product portfolio management training course will get you out of the endless loop of changing priorities by expanding the skills of your team beyond those required to manage and market individual products. You’ll learn how to develop a stronger vertical market focus, create a market-facing portfolio strategy (the destination) and execute tactical product plans (the turn-by-turn directions) to ensure you’re consistently delivering high-impact solutions that drive growth and keep you two steps ahead of the competition.

3-Day Workshop

Product Portfolio Strategy Training Courses

How To Create a Product Portfolio Strategy

Accelerate Growth by Aligning Your Portfolio to the Goals of Your Customers!

The more product silos you have, the more your priorities are constantly changing, It can paralyze your organization to the point where you’re no longer meeting the needs of the market. It’s also a huge resource drain that ultimately brings your organization’s momentum to a screeching halt. This product portfolio strategy training course will get you out of the endless loop of changing priorities by making the business goals of your target customers the center of everything. You’ll learn how to develop a stronger vertical market focus, create a market-facing portfolio strategy (the destination) and drive tactical product plans (the turn-by-turn directions) to fruition to ensure you’re consistently delivering high-impact solutions that drive growth and keep you ahead of the competition.

2-Day Workshop

Basic Product Management Training

How to Do Basic Product Management & Marketing

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier!

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. This introductory B2B product management course gives you everything you need to get going fast, especially if your product managers come from technical roles. We offer the simplest best-practices in the industry for creating a market-facing product management discipline. Your team will come away with consistent terminology, artifacts and processes that quickly improve product planning and day-to-day execution in the trenches.

2-Day Workshop

Product Management Courses - Learn Agile Product Management Skills

How to Do Agile Product Management & Marketing

Delivering High-Value Solutions is More Than User Stories and Sprints!

Most Agile implementations focus on improving product development processes. By default, they ignore the integration of market-facing strategies and product plans into those Agile processes. You end up delivering incremental enhancements faster but lack the discipline to uncover and solve the next large-scale business problems that drive new growth. This Agile product management course gives you a step-by-step approach for integrating those upstream market-facing functions with downstream Agile processes to ensure you’re consistently delivering high-value business solutions and getting them to market faster.

2-Day Workshop

Product Management Courses - Learn Product Positioning Skills

How To Do Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

Conversational Positioning That Speaks to Decision-Makers!

There’s a 1:1 correlation between your positioning and the people your sales team engages with on the front end of the sale cycle. If they’re regularly engaging with users, your positioning may be too tactical. In this product positioning and sales enablement course, you’ll learn how to create tiered positioning that will open more doors for your sales team at the decision-maker level on the front end while providing further depth and content required to market and sell credibly to operational managers and users on the back end.

2-Day Workshop

Product Demo Training Course

How To Do Software Product Demos

A Business Dialogue That’s More Engaging Than a Product Monologue!

It’s time to stop telling and start selling. Most presentations and demos focus on explaining “HOW” products and features work (like a training class) instead of emphasizing “WHY” they’re valuable. In this product demo training course you’ll learn how to deliver memorable presentations and demos that explain your strategic value to the decision-makers while showcasing your depth of knowledge on user activities and product capabilities to win them over.

2-Day Workshop

IT Product Management Training

How To Do Product Management in an IT Department

Managing Internal & Third-Party Products is Different!

The basic concepts of product management and marketing take on a whole new meaning when you’re navigating two layers of target customers — internal departments and external customers. This IT product management course will help you apply all the fundamentals to one or both layers with internal and third-party products. You’ll come away with simple techniques and tools for gathering needs, prioritizing projects and accelerating the adoption of new offerings.

2-Day Workshop

Product Management Certification for B2B

Separate Yourself From the Rest of the Pack

If you can fog a mirror, you can get certified on the most common product management frameworks. But what good are those certifications if anyone can get them? If you want to differentiate yourself with a unique set of skills for B2B product management & marketing, get certified on the Proficientz Framework and separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Take one of our B2B product management courses and read our book and you’ll be poised to showcase your unique knowledge of B2B product management, product marketing and sales enablement.

2-Hour Online Exam

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