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  • B2B Product Manager Magazine June 2017

Dominating Your Market, Agile Role Clarification and The Price of One-Off Features

The B2B Product Manager Magazine June 2017 is now available. This month we look at the customer value chain from start to finish using the relay race analogy and how your organization can consistently win that race and dominate the market. We also share a few tips and tricks for clarifying the product manager and product owner roles, plus the price you’re ultimately paying for one-off custom features. View the June/July 2017 Issue. […]

  • Product Manager vs Product Owner

Product Manager vs Product Owner: The Simple Distinction

In the world of agile software development, the product manager vs product owner confusion is hardly new. This problem has existed as long as software and product managers have been around. It merely has a new name. If you define their responsibilities in a way that mirrors the business of the customer, the confusion is all but gone. […]

  • dominate your market

Win the “Customer Value” Relay Race and Dominate Your Market

If you’re going to dominate your market, you have to make the customer organization measurably better at their business, from the top down. Products and services are the means to the end, but every customer-facing function in your organization plays a role in delivering customer value. It’s like relay race. Everyone understands their role, knows where the baton is at all times, and knows exactly what to do when they run their leg of the race. There are seven legs in the race for market leadership. Here are the runners and the goals of each. […]


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Our new product management book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 best practices for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement that results in higher-value solutions for customers and faster growth for your organization.

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In the Trenches FAQs

  • product management FAQs Proficientz

Building Stronger Relationships Between Product Management and Engineering

What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships? […]

  • product management FAQs Proficientz

Sales Feedback or Voice of the Customer?

How reliable is our “voice of the customer” when the only source is sales feedback? […]


Product Management Playbook

  • one-off features

One-Off Features: The Price of Committing Too Often

If you’re a software company, committing to one-off features just to win a single deal has been a long-standing business practice. Making a habit of it, and worse yet, getting good at it, is the equivalent of throwing your company into a death spiral then perfecting your spin. Here’s why. Every time you commit development resources to a one-off  project, you’re simultaneously mortgaging another piece of your future and further handicapping your ability to compete in your most lucrative markets. The Playbook: […]

  • product demo objections

Overcoming Product Demo Objections

Product demo objections are a staple of the sales process in the B2B software business. Your competitor’s products have just as many or more deficiencies than yours. Don’t get too worked up over it.  Successful demos require that you master the art of making certain product deficiencies seem trivial in the grand scheme of the overall solution.  How do you do it?  By asking the right questions early in the sales cycle. The Playbook: […]