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The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator. Regardless of what you’re doing in any of these functions, it all starts here. The Playbook: […]

February 16th, 2017|0 Comments

Creating High-Fidelity Product Experiences That Engage and Retain Customers – Webinar

If you want to build amazing products that engage and retain customers, the approach is simple. Understand the customer organization from top to bottom, not just your users. The best product teams uncover needs from the top of the organization down to understand the relationship between strategic, operational, and tactical needs — not only when building requirements, but throughout the product lifecycle.  The Playbook: […]

January 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Creating a Product Strategy – Is it Worth the Effort?

Is creating a product strategy worth the effort and how does it fit into the big picture? In-between launches and sprints, feature requests and readiness, product managers are expected to come up with a product strategy. It’s difficult to flip the switch when most of your time is spent in the weeds taking care of the day-to-day product needs. Furthermore, executives rarely think that the requested enhancements to a product are strategic, meaning they won’t drive significant revenue. The Playbook:


December 16th, 2016|1 Comment

Portfolio Marketing – The New & Improved Solutions Marketing

Solutions marketing in its most basic form is the positioning of one or more products together that solve bigger problems than any one product can solve on its own. Portfolio marketing takes that concept up a notch or two. The Playbook: If your solutions marketing managers are going to do the legwork to determine how to best position existing products to the current needs of the market, why not use that same market intelligence to drive your portfolio strategy in product management? Portfolio marketing gives you one team of market experts that drive two strategic activities — product/portfolio planning and solution marketing/sales enablement.


November 9th, 2016|0 Comments

The Problem With Business Requirements is “The Problem”

To most product managers, business requirements are synonymous with customer or market problems, and that’s a big problem. Why? A well-defined problem doesn’t begin with the problem. The Playbook: To clearly articulate a customer problem, start with an activity or task (i.e., responding to a customer inquiry) followed by the goal of performing that task (i.e., to quickly and accurately provide an answer). Then list the biggest obstacles to meeting that goal. The combination of the task + the goal + the obstacles = a crystal clear business requirement, a.k.a., the problem definition.


September 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Using Customer Focus Groups: How to Get a “TwoFer”

How are you using customer focus groups? They’re typically one-dimensional. They guide teams on prioritizing product enhancements, and to a lesser extent, may be used to validate product designs. If you’re going to use customer focus groups, be sure to utilize them to the fullest extent during the upstream planning phases as well as the downstream launch phases. The Playbook: […]

July 6th, 2016|0 Comments
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