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Product Management Playbook

Common Scenarios & Tips for Simpler Execution

Three Product Demo Mechanics That Keep Buyers Engaged

Here are three product demo mechanics that will engage buyers into the conversation and produce more favorable outcomes. In sales situations, the goal of every product demo is to create an urgency to buy! Even in non-sales situations, you’re still trying to sell something like and idea, a plan, etc., where you’re ultimately trying to build consensus to move an initiative forward. The Playbook: […]

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Are Product Managers Becoming Too Technical?

Product managers with technical backgrounds have steadily increased over the years.  Are heavy product manager technical skills good or bad for the product management profession?

It begs a lot of questions in which a yes or a no answer is entirely appropriate. Here are a few that come to mind. The Playbook:


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Business Requirements vs. Value Propositions: Is There Any Difference?

Business requirements and value propositions are one and the same. What’s different is the purpose for which they’re written.

  • Business requirements are written to communicate the WHO, WHAT & WHY value that’s required to justify building new products and features.
  • Value propositions are written to communicate the WHO, WHAT & WHY value that existing products already satisfy.

The content that comprises clear business requirements and powerful value propositions is literally the same. Here’s the trick to writing something once and using it for both purposes. The Playbook: […]

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The Simple Definition of Product Portfolio Management

Your product portfolio has more strategic value than the sum of its parts, especially from the customers’ point of view. Here’s the simplest definition of product portfolio management and it involves three simple concepts: […]

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Product Business Case: Three Steps to Keeping It Grounded in Reality

Have you ever seen a product business case, especially for a new product, that didn’t look like a blockbuster? They’re rare. And how often do the revenue projections match reality? It’s hard to say. No one ever compares projections to actuals after the product hits the market. Here are three steps for creating more realistic product business cases and simplifying apples to apples comparisons for multiple product investment opportunities. The Playbook:  […]

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