Product Centric Frameworks Are Holding You Back

Start Delivering, Marketing & Selling Strategic Customer Value to Drive Growth

Here’s the deal. Your customers are coming to you for business solutions that help them eliminate organizational silos so they can better execute their strategy. How can you possibly help them eliminate silos if your product, marketing and sales teams are working in silos of their own?

That’s why product-centric frameworks are so limiting. They start and end with tactical user needs that reinforce the silo mentality and subject your team to a life of constantly changing priorities, lackluster value propositions and sales feature wars. All told, they’re keeping a lid on your growth because products and features that are valuable to users may not deliver strategic value to the customer organization.

A One-of-a Kind Product Management Framework for B2B

Unlike any other framework, the Proficientz Product Management Framework makes it easier to deliver, market and sell strategic value by eliminating product silos that keep you from understanding what’s most important to your target customer organizations from the top down – their strategic business goals, and the biggest obstacles standing in the way of attaining those goals.

Take your game up a notch and give your product management, product marketing and sales teams the advanced B2B skills and tools they need to deliver, market and sell solutions with strategic value. It’s your fastest route to new growth in a world of commodity products and services!

View our advanced product management training programs. If you’re serious about changing the culture of your organization from tactical product value to strategic customer value, contact us today to discuss how our Situational Learning Program can guide you through the transition.

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Proficientz has the only product management framework that’s exclusive to B2B and B2B2C organizations. Take a walk through the evolution of our framework to learn how a partnership with Proficientz keeps your product management discipline at the top of its game.