Customer Success: The Cornerstone of the Proficientz Product Management Framework

When You Know Your Markets & Customers Better Than Your Products…

When you know your markets and customers better than your products, it shifts your focal point to their success. Using your portfolio of products and services to grow profitably making those customers successful is the cornerstone of the Proficientz Framework, and the new definition of B2B product management and marketing.

No matter how well you know your products, you need to know your markets and customers better. That level of knowledge simplifies every aspect of product management, product marketing and sales enablement because it takes the guesswork out of every key decision from strategy to product design to market messaging. Proficientz has the one and only B2B Product Management Framework that makes customer outcomes the goal and product success the result.

Adopt the Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework and you’ll deliver business solutions that have greater strategic value to executive buyers via integrated products and services with mass appeal to tactical users.


That’s the uniqueness of the Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework – deliver, market and sell solutions with greater strategic value than any single product! See how easy it is to learn and implement.

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Proficientz has the only product management framework that’s exclusive to B2B and B2B2C organizations. Take a walk through the evolution of our framework to learn how a partnership with Proficientz keeps your product management discipline at the top of its game.