A Product Management Framework For Customer Outcomes 

Successful Products Are the Result of Successful Customers!

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Best Practices for Product Management & Product Marketing

You don’t need a product management framework to find and solve market problems! There’s something much bigger and more important to your target customers than their problems. It’s their business goals — strategic, operational and tactical business goals.

That’s what separates the Proficientz Framework from all others. It’s the only framework that makes the top-down business goals of your target customers the focal point of your product, marketing, sales and customer success functions. It’s a can’t-miss approach that guarantees you’re building, marketing, selling and delivering solutions with strategic customer value.

A Product Management Framework For Customer-Success

product management framework
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A Framework for Every Stage of Maturity

Nothing slows your product management maturation like starting with one framework only to switch to another as your team grows up.

Get started with the Proficientz Framework and you’ll never have to worry about it. Basic, intermediate and advanced best practices take your team from product management infancy to a market-savvy leadership function without missing a beat.

  1. Basic – Build, market, sell and deliver products that make users quantifiably better at their job.
  2. Intermediate – Build, market, sell and deliver multi-product solutions that make customer departments quantifiably better at their business function in ways that have strategic value to the customer organization.
  3. Advanced – Build, market, sell and deliver a portfolio of vertical market business solutions that give the customer organization a competitive edge in its industry.

Get started with on-demand training and move at your own pace, or get your team together for an instructor-led training workshop to quickly get everyone on the same page.

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What Makes the Proficientz Framework & Training Uniquely Valuable for B2B?

View the video to learn how a customer-outcome approach results in higher value products and solutions.


Proficientz has the only framework that’s exclusive to B2B and B2B2C organizations. All other frameworks are centered on product success. The Proficientz Product Management Framework is centered on customer success. It forces you to think bigger and focus on business goals that have greater strategic value to customers. Take a walk through the evolution of our framework to learn how a partnership with Proficientz keeps your product management, product marketing, sales and customer success disciplines at the top of their game. View the press release.