I began organizing this Product Management Executive Roundtable couple of years ago at the request of a few clients. They brought to my attention the fact that there aren’t any networking forums specifically for product management VPs, SVPs and CPOs.

Our third roundtable was last week and what a great day. The chemistry in this group is amazing, especially since half of them had never met before.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Working with founder/CEOs who want to dip in and out of the chief PM role whenever the mood strikes. It’s not limited to small companies. Companies that are $1 billion + have the same issues.
  • Integrating acquired companies and standardizing product management tools and practices.
  • When your ability to deliver the ultimate solutions customers want is limited by numerous technology partners, some of them competitors, who don’t play nice together.
  • Starting a product marketing function from scratch that reports into the current product management organization.
  • Managing the volume of requests and one-offs (big things) after talking with a single customer/prospect and positioning it as a trend!
  • Creating business cases for products that are already in development.
  • Expanding your portfolio footprint to grow wallet share.
  • What the next iteration of success looks like for your product management team.
  • When senior managers in product management can’t visit customers and have to depend solely on info from one or two senior executives who have all the customer interaction.

I’m always amazed at how fast this day just flies by! Everyone gets 30 minutes to lead a discussion on topics of their choice and solicit input from their peers. The wealth of knowledge and experience among the participants is incredible. Everyone contributes and everyone walks away with valuable and actionable ideas.

If you’re a product management VP/SVP/CPO and would like to participate, please contact us directly. We do this event twice a year in Atlanta, in the spring and fall. There’s no cost to attend other than travel, if required. It’s a group of 10-15 participants. We purposely keep it small so that the interaction is high from start to finish. And is it ever!