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Take the Shortcut and Leverage the Experience of Others!

Take the easy route! Since 2001, we’ve seen more than you can imagine. We know what works, what doesn’t and why in just about every situation. That experience is yours for the taking. Whether you’re just getting started or need to fine tune certain aspects of product management and product marketing, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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If Your Offsite Strategy Meetings Leave Too Many People Frustrated

Plans & Priorities That Energize Everyone

Strategic planning meetings can easily turn into circular conversations with many valuable but differing opinions. It leaves people frustrated and makes it even tougher to come up with plans and priorities that energize everyone. Our structured facilitation helps you establish business goals that everyone agrees with, why they’re critical to the organization’s success and consensus on the best way to get there. Everyone walks out of the meeting energized with a crystal-clear to-do list.

If You’re Just Starting a Product Management or Product Marketing Function

A Stronger Market Focus and a Solid Foundation for Consistency

If you’re in the early stages of formalizing a product management & marketing discipline, we’ll get you started with the basics in a simple and efficient manner, especially if you don’t have experienced product managers/marketers. Structuring the team, implementing key workflows and artifacts, establishing simple communication protocols and anything else you need to deliver, market and sell higher value solutions.

If Your Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Meetings Turn Into Gripe Sessions

More Listening, Less Presenting, Clearer Direction!

If you’re spending more time telling your advisory boards what you’re doing (and hope they love it) versus listening to what they’re doing, you’re not only underutilizing a tremendous asset, you’re cultivating a prime-time gripe session. When we facilitate your CAB meetings, we’ll ask questions you may have never thought to ask. The ensuing discussions will blow you away (in a good way). You’ll walk out of the meeting knowing exactly what your priorities should be and why, and you’ll know exactly how to position key initiatives that are already underway.

If You’ve Been Through One or More Acquisitions

Where Are We Going? How Will We Get There?

It’s time to rationalize your portfolio! With every acquisition comes another silo, another culture, another technology, another customer base, another market and another set of goals. Before you know it, you’re going in 1000 different directions and spreading the company’s resources too thin to make a difference in any one area.

We’ll help you determine what’s necessary to align the entire product organization behind a common set of market/customer-facing goals and how to leverage your portfolio to deliver, market and sell higher value solutions that make it easier to meet your growth and profitability goals.

If You’re Making the Shift From a Project Model to a Product Model

Everything Changes, and You’ll Love the Margins!

Delivering solutions to meet customer requirements is so much more expensive and complex than delivering solutions to meet broader market requirements.  We’ll make the transition easier on you with guidance on how to leverage existing assets. We’ll help you structure the ideal go-to-market team for your situation, implement key workflows, artifacts and communication protocols. The result will be a consistent and repeatable approach for delivering solutions that improve customer outcomes and drive growth.

If You Have Highly Technical Products That Are Difficult to Position

Plain Simple English is a Powerful Thing!

The more technical your offerings, the more difficult it is to communicate your business value and unique differentiation in layman’s terms. We’ve cracked the code! There’s no need to hire high-priced marketing firms. We’ll get you there faster and easier without the big hit to your budget.

If You’re Implementing Agile Development

There’s More To It Than User Stories and Sprints

Creating meaningful user stories and executing sprints with proficiency is a big part of a successful Agile implementation. But all too often, the market-facing side of product management — the WHO, WHAT & WHY elements — are compromised for development efficiency, the HOW element.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can have your cake and eat it too.