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High Octane is a Product Management Blog from Proficientz that offers “how to” tips for improving strategy, planning and execution in trenches of product management, product marketing and sales enablement. Our best practices focus on using your portfolio to make customers more successful with cross-functional solutions that have more strategic value than individual products. We publish several entries each month. Click here to subscribe and get them delivered directly to your inbox.

Portfolio Product Management: The Up Side You Didn’t Consider (Video)

Portfolio product management defies conventional product management wisdom. It’s true that if every product is successful, your company will be successful. In B2B though, what’s best for every product may not be the best or most valuable thing for the customer organization or yours.

View the short video to see how portfolio product management gives you an up side that you may not be considering.

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Transition Into Product Management From a Technical Role

The transition into product management from a technical role is one of the most difficult. Why? Of all roles that touch the product, technical roles are the furthest removed from the market and the customers. It can be done successfully however, as many have already proven. If you’re a BA, technical product manager, engineer or developer with product manager aspirations, make the move in two smaller […]

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Product Manager Job Description

The product manager job description is centered on two key parameters in a b2b environment.

  1. The product manager has to consider the broader dynamics of the customer organization from the top down, their strategic goals and priorities, and the impact those goals and priorities have on the jobs of the people in the trenches – the users.
  2. The best thing for each product isn’t always the best […]
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B2B Product Manager Magazine February 2019

The B2B Product Manager Magazine February 2019 is now available.

Product roadmap decisions are among the most debatable in every organization, especially when you don’t nail the customer value narrative. Align your roadmap value narrative to the customer organization from the top down and there’s a whole lot less to debate.

Enjoy our February/March issue.

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Value-Based Product Roadmaps: Why They Should Mirror a Customer Org Chart (Video)

Value based product roadmaps should be structured like a customer org chart so that the business value of your product investment priorities is clear to executives, senior managers and users. View the short video to learn the most important questions your roadmaps have to answer, both internally and externally, and what people really want to know when they ask, “What’s on your roadmap?”

Let Proficientz […]

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Sales Discovery: Uncovering THE BIG WHY (Video)

Sales discovery can be tricky. Even when your solution solves every buyer problem, a win is still more elusive than you think. The earlier in the sales process you uncover “THE BIG WHY” the sooner you can position unique value and get the jump on the competition. […]

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