Product Management Best Practices for B2B!

If you only read one product management best practices book, this should be it. Instead of presenting yet another spin on turning ideas into blockbuster products, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions lets you in on a secret that only the most successful business-to-business (B2B) organizations seem to understand: A stronger focus on customer goals vs. customer problems results in solutions that are more valuable to the customer organization, and therefore, more valuable to your organization.

It’s an easy read that takes you through 25 business practices applicable to any B2B/B2B2C product or service company. Each practice is written in a “how-to” format to help you reorient your approach away from traditional user-focused product management practices and set your teams up to be more proficient at uncovering the top-down business issues that keep executives up at night and delivering high-value solutions to users that meet those executive needs.

Managing Products to Deliver Solutions gives you 25 solid reasons to practice strategic portfolio product management and reap the rewards of delivering high-value solutions and improving day-to-day product execution.

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