Product Management Best Practices Book

25 Best Practices for Product Management & Marketing

If you only read one product management book, this should be it.

It’s an easy read that takes you through the following 25 best practices for product management and marketing in B2B. Each practice is written in a “how-to” format to help you reorient your approach away from traditional product success practices to customer success practices.

  1. Create a Customer-Focused Mission To Drive Product Management
  2. Uncover Top-Down Market Needs Instead of Solving Bottom-Up Market Problems
  3. Three Guiding Principles to Innovation
  4. Segment Markets to Establish Clarity
  5. Five Questions That Keep Product, Marketing and Sales In Step With the Market
  6. Prioritizing Your Top Opportunities Without Product-Tinted Glasses
  7. Using Conversation Instead of Presentation to Improve Sales Discovery
  8. Consumer Product Warning! For Inspiration Only
  9. The X-Factor in Creating Stickier Products: Your Customer’s Customers
  10. Getting the Most Out of Customer Interviews: Start High & Work Your Way Down
  11. Why Non-Product Dialogues Are More Powerful When Answering Product Questions
  12. Creating Business Cases That Pack a Stronger Punch
  13. Making Competitive Comparisons More Actionable
  14. Positioning: Say It Like Your Customers Would
  15. Rating Your Solutions Maturity on a 3-Point Scale: Pimply Adolescent or Polished Executive?
  16. Using Product Roadmaps to Educate. Features Are Optional
  17. Creating Stronger ROIs For New Product Ideas
  18. Walk (Through Business Processes) Before You Run (With Product Design)
  19. Your Products Are Irrelevant, Until…
  20. Using Agile Development Techniques to Improve Marketing & Sales
  21. A Two-by-Four Approach to Creating a Solid Product Management & Marketing Discipline
  22. Elevate the Working Relationship Between Product Management and Development
  23. Using Agile Principles to Implement Your Product Management Discipline
  24. Negotiating Product Scope – Different Approach, Better Outcome
  25. Structuring Product Management to Actually Do Product Management

Instead of presenting yet another spin on turning ideas into blockbuster products, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions lets you in on a secret that only the most successful business-to-business (B2B) organizations seem to understand: A stronger focus on customer outcomes vs. customer problems results in solutions that are more valuable to the customer organization, and therefore, more valuable to your organization.

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