What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships?

Here are three simple practices you can adopt to strengthen your product management and engineering relationships so they work together more harmoniously.
  1. Educate educate each other. Product Management should take the lead and provide regular forums for Engineering on topics such as emerging market trends and target customer challenges, new business practices, and current customer successes.In a reciprocal fashion, Engineering should educate Product Management on topics such as new and emerging technologies, making better use of existing technologies, the trials and tribulations of a typical development project and pitfalls to avoid.Bottom line: the better you understand each other, the better you can work together.
  2. Introduce Third Party Domain Experts…as in customers, prospects and industry consultants. When there is a major difference of opinion between product management and Engineering, both parties tend to dig their heels in, when in truth, neither may be completely accurate.Find 3-5 organizations that best fit the profile of your target customers and ask them how they would approach the situation. Chances are you’ll come up with a solution that’s easier and better than anything previously discussed.
  3. Socialize More…whether it’s at work or outside of work. Workplace success is based on strong personal relationships and trust. Spend more time getting to know your peers. Chances are you share common interests with many of them and it becomes the foundation for stronger working relationships.

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