When do most Product Managers start thinking about the product launch?

Many wait until the development process is nearing the end before bringing other departments into the fold. Sure, you copy them on project updates and milestone progress (which they probably never read). But you’re too busy writing requirements, tracking development progress, reviewing designs and answering questions. Finding the time to involve the rest of the company to the extent necessary for launch success is difficult. The Playbook:

The old saying is true, Pay now or pay later. You end up doing everything yourself and you’re lucky if you can use beta sites as a train the trainer forum. It’s not nearly enough to make all the other factions self sufficient, so you continue to pay the price with everyone depending on you to do their job – sales demos, writing marketing materials, getting involved in customer support cases, etc.

The answer: stop treating the product launch as an afterthought and start involving other departments at the beginning of the planning process so they can create their launch to-do lists early in the project. In the end, product launches will be much smoother and more successful because everyone is carrying the load.  Product managers can serve as backup where needed and spend more time focused on the next set of priorities.

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