When it comes to product demo techniques, there are two styles: telling and selling.  The “telling” demo (stop me when you see a feature you like) won’t energize your buyers or set you apart from the competition. The “selling” demo energizes your buyers with a vision because it’s more about their business than it is your products.

1. The “Telling” Demo

Unfortunately, most demos fall into the “telling” category, which has a few slang terms such as the feature dumpthe spray and pray or the training class demo where you “tell”  the audience what the product does and demonstrate in gory detail how each feature works with the hope that your audience will like more of your features than the competition. It’s more or less a rewind and replay for each demo.

Consequences:  Longer more expensive sales cycles (more demos) and fewer wins because you haven’t told prospects WHY your product is valuable to their business.

2. The “Selling” Demo

The “selling” demo is not about what the product does, but clearly articulates what the product does for me (the prospective buyer) and why I need it.  The key difference between the two styles of demos is the telling demo is all about the product while the selling demo is all about the prospect. “Selling” demos boil down to relevance and credibility. If you can articulate the business goals of the customer, the hurdles that make those goals challenging to achieve, and then demonstrate how your products eliminate those hurdles,  your sales cycles will be shorter and you’ll win more deals.

Consequences: Shorter and less expensive sales cycles (fewer demos) and more wins because you’ve given prospects a roadmap that shows how they can fulfill their vision!

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