What’s the difference between a product backlog and a sprint backlog?

There are two key differences between a  product backlog and a sprint backlog.

  1. A sprint backlog typically covers a few sprints whereas a product backlog covers a much longer timeframe like one or two quarters.
  2. The second difference is the content and context within each document.
    • The content in a product backlog should be more WHO, WHAT & WHY – who is the user, what job task will you help them improve, why is it important to their success and what’s stopping them? For example, “As a daily commuter, I want to unlock the back door and put my backpack in the back seat so that I’m not tempted to get my phone out and look at it, without unlocking the front door first.
    • The content in a sprint backlog is more HOW – how the features need to work functionally to support the user tasks to be done? For example, “‘Create an additional preference in the Convenience Menu that unlocks any door automatically when the driver pulls the door handle. The key FOB must be within 3 feet of the car door.”