A Product Demo Training Course

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product demo training course


A Product Demo Training Course

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product demo training course

Product demos have one goal — to create an urgency to buy! Present & Demo is a product demo training course for B2B where you’ll learn how to deliver product demos that engage buyers by telling “their version” of your value story. Demonstrate how you’re going to make users quantifiably more successful in ways that have strategic value to the executive buyers!

When you complete this course, you’ll know how to deliver product demos that energize buyers and create an urgency to get the deal done.

Pre-requisite: Markets & Customer Goals

One Less Thing to Figure Out!

You’ll always know exactly what you’re learning and how it’s relevant to the big picture. Unlike our competitors, every Proficientz course module maps directly to its namesake section in the Proficientz Framework so that you don’t need a reference chart to figure it out. The course icons and framework are color-coded by design to make it even easier.

product demo training course

Present & Demo Course Objectives

  1. Deliver demos that create an urgency to buy by appealing to the aspirations of your buyers.
  2. Establish clearer competitive differentiation by making complex products look simple.
  3. Develop presentation skills that make you a natural in front of an audience (in-person or virtual).

Challenges Addressed

  • Ineffective Discovery – You’re more interested in finding out if your products are a good fit than understanding WHAT buyers are trying to accomplish and WHY it’s important to the success of their business.
  • Uninspiring Presentations – Your presentations and demos focus too much on HOW products work and not enough on WHY they’re valuable, leaving buyers uninspired.
  • No Value Theme – Your demos focus on solving a bunch of tactical user problems without an overall value theme that speaks to the strategic business goals and priorities of the executive buyers and influencers.

Course Takeaways

  • Consultative Discovery – Instead of asking leading questions that drive prospects to “need your products,” you’ll learn how to ask insightful questions and facilitate a credible business conversation that uncovers the top-down business goals of your buyers and the obstacles standing in their way. Those conversations form the bulls-eye for your presentations and demos.
  • The 80/20 Demo Rule – The most powerful part of your demo is reminding buyers WHAT they’re trying to accomplish, WHY it’s important and the obstacles standing in their way (80%). Features and customer testimonials (20%) are the proof points to a credible and aspirational business dialogue.
  • Story Telling – Tell stories that reflect your buyers’ aspirations instead of talking all about the product.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Without ever mentioning competitor names (unless explicitly asked) you’ll learn how to position the value of your solutions in a way that clearly separates you from the pack.


  1. Clearer Differentiation – Emphasizing what buyers can accomplish (business goals) with your solutions that they can’t with the competitor’s.
  2. Shorter Sales Cycles – Nothing creates an urgency to buy like a presentation and demo that “nails it” by focusing on the aspirations of the buyer.
  3. Higher Win Rates – The best and most engaging story (not always the best product) wins. See the deals you lost when your products were clearly superior, and the deals you won when they weren’t.

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