Powerful product positioning usually boils down to the best story, which is not always the best product.

Adhere to these three guidelines and marketing and selling value will be a lot easier.  The Playbook:

  1. Make It More About the Buyer – Way More!
    Your products have no relevance until you can tell buyers why they need them — in their language! Great positioning is centered on the aspirations of your target customers and WHY those aspirations are critical to their success.  Convince your buyers that you know them as well as they know themselves and your products will be an easy sell.
  2. Emphasize WHAT & WHY over HOW
    Ultimately, products are nothing more than proof points. Build messages around real-world customer scenarios with emphasis on WHAT buyers are trying to accomplish in those scenarios and WHY each is important to their success. Follow with capabilities of your solution that are most relevant in each scenario. Save the HOW for training!
  3. Use Themes to Differentiate
    Again, products are nothing more than proof points. Focus on a handful of business scenarios (or stories) that are critical to the buyer’s success, then state the capabilities of the product that support each scenario versus the outcomes they’d experience with competitor products. Lastly, find the common value thread in those scenarios and use it as your headline or differentiation theme.

If your positioning is all about products and fails to differentiate from the competition, contact us about a Product Positioning & Messaging workshop where you’ll learn how to develop positioning that convinces your buyers you know them as well as they know themselves.

Learn How to Position the Strategic Value of Your Solutions

Start positioning your solutions in the language of the customer. It’s what they understand best!