Portfolio product management benefits B2B organizations in ways you may not have considered. It defies conventional product management wisdom. It’s true that if every product is successful, your company will be successful. In B2B though, what’s best for every product may not be the best or most valuable thing for the customer organization or yours.

View the short video to see how portfolio product management gives you an up side that you may not be considering.

Video Highlights

  • If you have for example, five product that target the same markets, you may be looking at one market five different ways.
    • Best case scenario each product team has an incomplete view of the market.
    • Worst case scenario, your product teams have a completely distorted view of the market.
  • In either case, it’s difficult to understand what’s strategic to your customers and why.
  • The risk of delivering solutions that miss the mark go way up.
  • Portfolio Product Management:
    • Makes it easy to align all product teams to a single comprehensive view of the market.
    • Simplifies product planning and prioritization for everyone.
    • Makes it easier to generate more revenue from existing products.
    • Help client services teams make customers more successful.
    • Raises the ceiling on your growth potential.

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