Join John Mansour and Paul Heller for an insightful 30-minute podcast on product led growth and making the transition from a direct sales model.

Had a lot of fun discussing the differences between a new business starting with a product led growth model and mature businesses making the transition from a traditional direct sales model.

Paul’s company, Sopheon is making the transition.

Podcast on Product Led Growth

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    • In theory, and I emphasize in theory, the impact of a product led growth model should be very minimal on product management. For product marketing, it pretty much changes everything.
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    • Starting a new company and building it around a product-led growth model is much different than transforming a mature company that was built for direct sales and evolving it to a product-led growth model.First of all, you don’t have the baggage of a product portfolio that was built for direct sales. Second, you don’t have to go through the culture change and infrastructure makeover.It can be done though.