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We’re giving back to the product management and product marketing community during these tough times to keep your career growth goals and corporate training initiatives moving forward. Get a 1-month subscription to Product Management University On-Demand for $99 (regularly $495) including certification through April 30, 2020.


13 Lessons. One Fee. Unlimited Access. Learn on Your Own Schedule!

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online product management course

Becoming a specialist in B2B product management and product marketing is about bringing something uniquely valuable to the party. Something that makes it easier for your organization deliver solutions that customers value even more than your current offerings. Sample the lessons below to see how!

An Online Product Management Course for Any Setting!

online product management course

Put your earbuds in, block out the noise and settle in for a few lessons. It’s a great way to pick up valuable new techniques on your daily commute or on your next business trip. Try this: reverse engineer current projects into the Proficientz Framework with simple worksheets and templates. Your new “customer-value dialogue” will put you in the driver’s seat.

Step into your favorite coffee shop and let the calm take over as you sip your favorite beverage. It’s a mindset that’s highly conducive to learning. Free wi-fi, a laptop or tablet and you’re all set to learn how to be a specialist in B2B.

Early in the morning before the chaos begins or late at night after it ends. You’re in your sanctuary and ready to learn new tactics that you can take to work and raise a few eyebrows (in a good way).

Learning with your team is a great way to bond around common goals. Organize group lessons every week or two to guide you through new or existing projects. Go through a few short lessons at a time, apply and repeat! Contact us about an enterprise subscription.

There are a lot of agendas in your organization and not all of them are in the best interest of the company or the customer. A quick refresher on market segments, customer goals, product prioritization, value messages and many other things will give you the confidence to facilitate any discussion objectively. Think of it as your behind-the-scenes coach.


Grow Your Career by Becoming a Specialist in B2B Product Management & Marketing!

Video instruction, hand-on exercises, B2B examples, templates and product management certification.

online product management course

Target Markets & Customer Goals Lessons

In this section, you’ll learn how to understand the market and your target customers without the distortion that can occur when you see everything through the lens of your products. That “clean” perspective means your products, marketing messages and sales dialogues never miss the value target.

Lesson 1 Intro: Market Segmentation

Who are your target customers? It’s the first and most important question you’ll answer because it’s the basis for every key decision. Watch the intro video for more on segmentation. Hint: In B2B, personas aren’t market segments!

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Lesson 2 Intro: Outcome-Based Personas

If you’re going to help customers get quantifiably better at doing things that are valuable to their business, it’s critical to understand how they define and measure success. Watch the intro video to learn more about outcome-based personas.

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Lesson 3 Intro: Outcome-Based Requirements

What do good business requirements look like? They’re a true representation of how your target customers see themselves, from the C-suite to the people in the trenches. Watch the intro video for a fresh perspective on business requirements that make everything easier.

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Lesson 4 Intro: Situational Competitive Analysis

Feature comparisons don’t highlight your competitive strengths and weaknesses in value terms! Watch the intro video to see how situational competitive differentiation looks from the customer’s perspective.

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Lesson 5 Intro: Portfolio S.W.O.T.

You always want to play from a position of strength so that you’re consistently leading the organization into the most lucrative markets. Watch the intro video to see why portfolio SWOT is more beneficial than product SWOT in B2B.

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online product management course

Market Opportunities & Strategic Priorities Lessons

In this section, you’ll learn how to align your product, marketing and sales priorities to the highest value customer priorities so that you’re generating more short-term revenue from existing solutions and building new solutions that help you grow faster.

Lesson 6 Intro: Market Opportunities

The best opportunities are usually the ones that deliver the most quantifiable value to the customer. Watch the intro video to see how a value-based candidate list simplifies priority decisions.

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Lesson 7 Intro: Quantify, Compare & Prioritize

When customer outcomes are the starting point, your priorities pretty much define themselves. Watch the intro video to see the impact on competing and constantly changing priorities.

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Lesson 8 Intro: Value-Themed Roadmaps

When people ask, “What’s on the roadmap?” or “What’s in the next release?” you’ll be able to answer those questions without mentioning features. That’s up to you! Watch the intro video to see why.

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Lesson 9 Intro: Product Marketing Roadmaps

If you can fence the salesforce into the most lucrative markets and give them the tools to sell “solutions,” they’ll close more deals! Watch the intro video to see how you can help sales find the low-hanging fruit.

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Lesson 10 Intro: Market & Portfolio Positioning

There has to be something in it for the decision-makers too! Watch the intro video to see how portfolio positioning brings the decision makers’ vision to life.

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online product management course

Build & Deliver Lessons

In this section you’ll learn 10 best practices for development and go-to-market execution that yield better results with less effort.

Lesson 11 Intro: Build & Deliver Best Practices

It’s true! The devil is in the details, but there’s less devil when the targets you’re aiming for leave nothing to question. Watch the intro video for the keys to improving execution.

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online product management course

Market & Sell Lessons

In this section, you’ll learn how to complete the customer’s version of your value story with product value points that support your strategic market/portfolio positioning. More revenue from existing products is the name of the game!

Lesson 12 Intro: Product Positioning

It’s not what the product does, it’s what the customer can do with the product to be more successful. Watch the intro video for insights on creating the customer’s version of your value story. Easier to understand, easier to buy!

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Lesson 13 Intro: Marketing & Sales Tools

The hard part, creating the content, is already done! Watch the intro video to see how lessons 1, 2 and 3 make this part easier than it has ever been.

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3-Month Subscription

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SPECIAL 1-Month Subscription

  • SPECIAL $99 Until 4/30/2020 (Usually $495). Don’t let the corona virus sideline your career development!
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1-Year Subscription

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  • All lessons. Unlimited access for 1 year.
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“The videos are flawless. Product Management University On-Demand is perfect for where we are right now. It lets us learn and implement at our own pace. The subscription model is great because we don’t have to worry about going through the lessons more than once if needed. The integration of the training lessons and templates into each activity in the Proficientz Framework makes the user experience really simple.”

Neil Pearson, Head of of Product Management at Edge Technologies

“Product Management University On-Demand is ideal because It allows us to learn exactly what we need at the time we need it. The video instruction, examples and templates make it easy for us to implement product management best practices incrementally and get buy-in across the organization at a pace that’s digestible for everyone. The integration of the training and templates into the Proficientz Framework makes everything really simple.”

Anne Kimsey, Vice President of Product Management at Revegy

“The most valuable thing about the on-demand training besides the anytime refresher courses, is the integration into the Proficientz Framework. It’s just like the training we’ve done onsite. The instructional videos are just as good as the classroom training with the same great examples and templates to follow.”

Cheryl Johnston, Director of Product Management at Datacolor

The Proficientz Framework teaches you how to deliver customer-driven solutions for B2B. The on-demand training is fantastic, just like being in a classroom and working from B2B examples, enabling you to apply what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios. I appreciate the customer-outcome approach to product management as opposed to the problem focus. It’s a unique way to do things that simplify how you manage and market solutions in B2B.

Louis Chesney


Can I change the length of my subscription later?2019-04-09T16:40:03-04:00

Yes. You may add time to your subscription at any point and simply pay the difference. Please contact us to extend your subscription.

Does Proficientz offer support if we want to review artifacts and make sure we’re using the material correctly?2019-04-08T17:55:32-04:00

Yes, you can add remote consulting hours when you initially enroll or you can contact us later and we’ll add them to your subscription.

What if I want access to the course materials for longer than a year?2019-04-08T17:56:20-04:00

We hope you do. You can simply subscribe for another period after your initial subscription expires.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-04-08T17:56:57-04:00

American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.